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Armor is used by Atlantean soldiers to fight for the Kingdom of Atlantis as their first line of defense.


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A contingent of Atlantean soldiers was dispatched by King Orvax to retrieve his runaway bride queen Atlanna, as well as dispatch anything or anyone who dared to get in their way of her retrieval.

As the soldiers invaded the Curry abode demanding that Atlanna return with them back to Atlantis. She refused and brutally dispatched her would be retainers using more advanced fighting techniques coupled with her personal trident.

Even with the garrison dispatched, the Queen knew more would come. With a heavy heart. Atlanna left behind her son Arthur and her beloved husband as well in order to resume her royal duties and queen of Atlantis.

About two decades later, another contingent of soldiers dubbed the Men-of-War working under direct subordination Orm Marius would liaise between their lord king and ruthless modern day brigand whom the former contracted the services of named David Kane. Exchanging a generous sum of priceless gold with said oceanic mercenary in trade for a surface dweller vessel used to stage active aggression's between the mariners and the surface world. Knowing his former contractor was thirsting for revenge. Orm dispatched another war party to barter with him again

The corrupt king loaning a few of his best soldiers to his cause as well as the latest in Atlantean weapons tech design which David would retrofit into an armor of his own. He and his bestowed militia would soon find and battle both Aquaman and Mera in Sicily as they searched for clues regarding the Trident of Atlan[1]


The white and red versions of the armor

The armor of the Atlantean soldiers is created from the extremely advanced technology of Atlantis. Therefore, they have very advanced systems such as a blue visor on their helmet to analyze any given field and know exactly where people are going when they do not see them directly. They also come with a small tank of water on their backs connected by pipes to the suit and keeps copious amounts of hydration inside them so as the Atlantean wearer can breathe whilst on dry land without asphyxiating.[1] The suits also showcase a very unique feature involving their H2O reserves: under certain circumstances, it can be converted into a viscous material similar to gel (a noteworthy example being from the Attack on Sicily: when Mera used one of the Atlantean soldiers' swords to cut off his hand, drink briefly leaks out where he was wounded, before the suit apparently converts it into gel to cauterize the injury).


Aquaman - Foot Soldiers.jpg

Standard armor: The standard white armor is used by the majority of soldiers, including Atlantean border guards and the typical soldier. They enhance the user's strength and durability in and out of water, including a life support system that enables water-breathers to walk the surface. Their visor is capable of tracking targets even through solid objects.

Atlantean soldiers.png

Elite commando armor: The elite commandos, who work directly for Orm are equipped with red armor that is a direct upgrade from the standard set. The red armor is outfitted with booster engines in the back and calves for increased jumping and maneuverability, energized atlantean steel sword's and plasma enhanced power gauntlets, charging each punch with enough energy to knock out even a Metahuman like Arthur with enough well placed blows.[1]

Atlantean court guard.png

Court guard armor: The guards of the Atlantis Royal Palace have a separate style of armor, not equipped for war like the soldiers, but made of similar material. It does not enable them to traverse the land, as their jurisdiction is entirely underwater.

Atlantean Guard - royal messenger.png

Atlantean Guards armor: The guards of the Atlantean Stronghold wore gold armor without the high-tech features of the standard soldiers.

Xebellian Armor.png

Xebelian armor: The Xebelian soldiers possess very similar armor to the standard Atlantean armor, however with metallic coloration.[1]


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