The Atlantean energy swords are melee weapons which are standard issue to the Atlantean Men-of-War.[1]


The Atlantean sabers were largely utilized by the elite guard of Atlantis's Men-of-War while battling the nation's enemies.

By themselves they were largely superior to any surface made tempered cutlery, but in the hand of a wearer of powered armor, they were made all the deadlier with the ionized charge running through their blade.

The personal detail of king Orm utilized these blades while assailing Arthur Curry on his journey.

Mera made use of their weaponry to cripple as well as depose her assailants. Attesting the ingenuity that went into crafting the blades, Mera was able to use one to cut off Murk's left hand while he was wearing his Atlantean armor.


Atlantean Sword

A Men-of-War's energy skein

The Men-of-War often utilize Atlantean steel razor edges which can be further augmented with a plasma charge. The intricate designs running along the plasma knife's base channels energy all along the blade ending around its edge.

Powered by the internal charger within the Elite enforcers armor and transferred into the pommel of the blades through their similarly designed gauntlet; the swords can slash, pierce and cleave through just about anything that comes against it's refined point.[1]



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