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The Atlantean Guards[1] were a specialized unit of Atlantean soldiers stationed at the Atlantean Stronghold. They were tasked to protect the Mother Box of Atlantis.[2]


Guarding a Mother Box

After the intelligent inhabitants of Earth thwarted Darkseid's attempted invasion thousands of years ago, one of the Mother Boxes was entrusted to the Atlanteans for safekeeping. The Atlanteans placed the Mother Box at their stronghold and the Atlantean Guards were established to protect the Mother Box.[2]

Great Darkness

In 2017, Steppenwolf arrived for the Mother Box after retrieving the first one from the Amazons, following its scent which the Parademons were able to track. They were unable to pinpoint the location, but captured the perimeter guards for further interrogation. Using his mind probe device on one of the guards, Steppenwolf was able to extract the location of the stronghold, where he would find the Mother Box, and so he set out to attack it.

During Steppenwolf's attack, the Atlantean Guards, commanded by Mera, defended the stronghold. They attacked Steppenwolf with their rifles, but most of the guards were slaughtered by Steppenwolf, who managed to easily steal the Mother Box even after Arthur Curry's intervention.[2]

Known members


  • Armor: The guards wore golden armor while stationed at the redoubt.
  • Hydro-pulse rifles: Most of the guards carried powerful hydro pulse rifles.
  • Tridents: The guards stationed at the stronghold's entrance carried tridents very similar to Atlanna's trident.



Concept artwork


  • At least two Atlantean Guards are capable of breathing air, one of whom was a perimeter guard stationed far outside the stronghold's walls. As confirmed by Aquaman, this means they are highborn, so it's possible the entire unit was comprised of highborn Atlanteans.


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