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Asteria's armor was a special armor used by Diana of Themyscira in 1984 during the Cold War.[1]


When Zeus created Themyscira during a war between the Amazons and humans, the Amazons merged their armor to produce something that a single warrior could wield to hold the warriors of man back. Asteria, the champion of the Amazons, used the golden armor to hold back the attacking waves of man so her sisters in arms could flee to the safety of what would become their permanent home.[1][2]

At some point after Diana left the island, she sought the warrior of legend, but could only find her golden armor. She eventually stashed it in a secret room in her home in Washington, D.C..

Final fight

Diana wore the armor for the first time in preparation for her final battle with Cheetah. During the fight, the wings were severely damaged by Cheetah's claws and frantic slashes. Diana ultimately pushed Cheetah away with the wings, before shattering them from the armor. This left several of its pieces scattered across the battleground.


In addition to a level of armor more protective than normal Amazon gear, the wearer of this armor can manipulate the wings to defend against attacks from all directions, being powerful enough to block blows from dozens of human warriors with ease, but losing steam against a warrior with enhanced strength, such as Cheetah.


Behind the scenes

  • This armor is a faithful interpretation of the similarly named Gold Armor from Kingdom Come Vol. 1 #3 by Mark Waid and Alex Ross, which was then brought into mainstream continuity with Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #144 by Eric Luke and Yanick Paquette.


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