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"Her name was Asteria. She was our greatest warrior. When mankind enslaved the Amazons, my mother freed us. But someone had to stay behind to hold back the tide of man so the others could escape to Themyscira. My people gave up all of their armor to make her one suit strong enough to take on the whole world, and Asteria sacrificed herself for a better day for others."
Diana Prince to Steve Trevor[src]

Asteria is the former champion of the Amazons. She was one of their greatest warriors ever, having even earned the title The Golden Warrior. The Amazon Games are held each year in her honor, and a large golden statue of her likeness stands in the center of the coliseum.

Asteria's golden armor was found by Diana at some point after the latter left Themyscira. Diana later used it to fight Cheetah and Max Lord.


Saving the Amazons

When Zeus created Themyscira, Asteria, alone, stayed behind holding back the attacking waves of man so her sisters in arms could flee to the safety of what would become their permanent home.[2] To honor her sacrifice, the Amazons built a statue in her honor in the Amazonian coliseum, which was prominently displayed during their Amazon Games.[3]

Life in the 20th century

Asteria, in 1984.

After Diana left the island, she sought the warrior of legend, but could only find her golden armor. She eventually stashed it in a secret room in her home in Washington, D.C..[3][2] She eventually wore the armor to fight off Cheetah and Max Lord.[3]

At some point, presumably in 1984, Asteria saved a baby from a falling pole, which garnered her thanks from the baby's mother.[3]


Not much is known about Asteria, but she was loyal and brave enough to potentially sacrifice herself for the sake of her sisters, choosing to be left behind to increase their chance of survival, never to see them again.

Powers and abilities


  • Amazonian physiology: Like all Amazons, Asteria possesses physical abilities that are beyond the normal human being. However, as the Golden Warrior, her abilities surpass most other Amazons.
    • Superhuman strength: Like all Amazons, Asteria is superhumanly strong. She was able to effortlessly catch a heavy falling pole.
    • Longevity: Like all Amazons, Asteria ages at a rate that is much slower than that of a human being.


  • Master combatant: Asteria is one of the greatest and most legendary warriors of the Amazons. She was able to defeat an army of men using her golden armor.





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