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The Assassination of Erich Ludendorff was a successful attempt by Diana to kill General Erich Ludendorff, thinking he was Ares and hoped his death would end the war.


"Only one of the many Gods believed in that. And he was wrong."
―Diana speaking to General Ludendorff about war[src]

After freeing the village of Veld, Diana and the Wonder Men moved to learn more about a planned German attack. Infiltrating a gala to find information, Diana shared a dance with General Ludendorff that convinced her of his identity as Ares.

Shortly after their first meeting, Diana witnessed the General gas Veld as a demonstration of the poison's power, killing everyone she had saved prior. Distraught at this massacre, Diana sped off to find and kill Ludendorff, or as she thought, Ares.[1]


Erich Ludendorff About to shoot

Ludendorff points the gun to Diana before shooting her in vain

Directly after launching his gas, Ludendorff heads to a nearby military base where he oversees his troops load a plane with his poison gas bound for London. While he is in a watchtower, he is suddenly confronted by Diana who grabs Ludendorff's companion and throws him off the tower. Ludendorff recognizes Diana and admits his surprise. However, he then states that he has a more important matter to attend to and swiftly draws his gun and fires it at Diana's face. However, Diana blocks the bullet with her bracelet and deflects it back on Ludendorff. The bullet hits Ludendorff's gun and knocks it out of his hand.

In pain, Ludendorff asks Diana what exactly she is. Diana replies that Ludendorff will soon find out and draws her sword. Ludendorff, powered by Maru's drug, rips a boiler from a nearby wall and thrusts it into Diana. It comes to a battle between the two and Ludendorff manages to disarm Diana and pick up her sword. He throws her to the ground and states that she is no match for him. However, when he thrusts his sword down, Diana blocks it with her bare hands. She gets back up and continues the fight.

Ludendorff flees to the roof, but Diana pursues him. She jumps up and ensnares him with the Lasso of Hestia. She violently smashes him into the floor and, claiming that she will fulfill the mission of the Amazons, rams her sword into Ludendorff's chest, executing what she believes to be the ancient enemy Ares. However, after Ludendorff has died, she soon comes to the conclusion that Ludendorff was not Ares after all, as the Germans keep loading the plane when, according to her, they should have been freed of Ares' influence.[1]


Shortly after, Steve appeared and told Diana that sometimes there is no logic in what men do, and the war cannot be ended by killing one man. This devastated her faith in humanity, and she refuses to help Steve destroying the gas bomber.[1]