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"The Arrow of Artemis. It will reach the Lands of Men."
"Sky Torch, Hero Beacon, scatter the darkness. Burn, as you burned in days before. Show her the darkness before the daylight of history. Warn my daughter that war has come, and protect her. Return to me, Diana...
Menalippe and Hippolyta[src]

The Arrows of Artemis are magically-empowered arrows used by Artemis of the Old Gods against the forces of Apokolips. After Artemis' death in the War of the Gods, two of her arrows came into Amazonian possession.


Invasion of Earth

When Darkseid and his legions of parademons invaded Earth, Artemis used her arrows against the New God, piercing his flesh. She also used their explosive power against one of his ships, dealing a massive blow.[1]

Attack on the Penetralium

The Amazons kept two of these arrows for centuries, until the day Hippolyta needed to warn her daughter of the second invasion. The godly empowerment enabled the arrow to travel across the sea, landing in the Shrine of the Amazons, where it lit the ancient signal fire.[1]

Diana's journey

The ancient signal fire caught the attention of news media around the world, especially due to the extent of time that the fire raged. Diana later caught one of the news broadcasts about the fire, which immediately led her to conclude that Earth was being invaded.

Diana visited the Shrine and retrieved the arrow. She probed the depths of the Shrine and used the arrow to activate a hidden passageway that depicted the invasion of Earth long ago and the danger posed by Darkseid and the forces of Apokolips. She later explained the context to Bruce Wayne, which forced them to fast track their plans to save the Earth.

Later, after defeating the parademon invasion, Diana removed the arrow from the doorway and held it on her person as she gazed longingly across the surrounding waters of the Shrine in the vague direction where Themyscira laid.[1]


In a dark, potential future, Wonder Woman was killed. The Amazons ceremoniously burned her body, and with it, they placed their remaining arrow of Artemis.[1]


The arrows are capable of traveling great distances, Hippolyta firing one from Themyscira and accurately striking the Shrine of the Amazons in Greece across the sea. They also have incredible destructive power, however it's possible this is only when wielded by Artemis herself.

They can also be used as keys to unlock certain passageways, as evidenced when Wonder Woman utilized the arrow to unlock a secret passage under the Shrine of the Amazons.


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