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The Aragon Theatre is a movie theater located in Gotham City's Park Row, infamously known as Crime Alley.[1]


Murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne[]

In 1981, Thomas and Martha Wayne took their son Bruce to the Aragon Theatre to see The Mark of Zorro.[2] Upon leaving the theater, both Thomas and Martha were murdered by mugger Joe Chill in front of their young son. The sight of how crime can leave such devastating impacts on people's lives inspired Bruce to dedicate himself to combating it as the masked vigilante Batman.[3]


Following the tragedy, business plummeted for the theater. Sometime later, the Wayne Foundation instituted a multimillion-dollar renovation that restored the theater. Themed movie nights for local filmmakers and videographers continued to bring in hundreds of customers. As of 2015, Bruce Wayne stated that the restoration of the theatre was yet to be fully completed.[4]


Behind the Scenes[]

  • Since the release of the 1989 film Batman, the theater is usually depicted as the Monarch Theater in most iterations that describe the Batman origin.
  • The Aragon Ballroom doubled as the Aragon Theatre.


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