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Aquaman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is the soundtrack to the film Aquaman. It was released by WaterTower Music on December 14, 2018. The score was mainly composed by Rupert Gregson-Williams, with additional music by Joseph Bishara. The soundtrack features original songs by Skylar Grey and Pitbull featuring Rhea.

Track listing[]

  1. "Everything I Need" (Film Version)
  2. "Arthur"
  3. "Kingdom of Atlantis"
  4. "It Wasn't Meant to Be"
  5. Atlantean Soldiers
  6. "What Does That Even Mean?"
  7. The Legend of Atlan
  8. "Swimming Lessons"
  9. "The Black Manta"
  10. "What Could Be Greater Than a King?"
  11. "Permission the Come Aboard"
  12. "Suited and Booted"
  13. "Between Land and Sea"
  14. "He Commands the Sea"
  15. "Map in a Bottle"
  16. "The Ring of Fire"
  17. "Reunited"
  18. "Everything I Need"
  19. "Ocean to Ocean"
  20. "Trench Engaged"

Mondo Deluxe Edition track listing[]

Aquaman Mondo Soundtrack

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Deluxe Edition 3XLP

Disc 1, side 1[]

  1. "Everything I Need" (Film Version)
  2. "Arthur"
  3. "Kingdom of Atlantis"
  4. "It Wasn't Meant to Be"
  5. "Atlantean Soldiers"

Disc 1, side 2[]

  1. "What Does That Even Mean?"
  2. "The Legend of Atlan"
  3. "Swimming Lessons"
  4. "The Black Manta"
  5. "What Could Be Greater Than a King?"

Disc 2, side 1[]

  1. "Permission the Come Aboard"
  2. "Suited and Booted"
  3. "Between Land and Sea"
  4. "He Commands the Sea"

Disc 2, side 2[]

  1. "Map in a Bottle"
  2. "The Ring of Fire"
  3. "Reunited"
  4. "Everything I Need"
  5. "Ocean to Ocean"
  6. "Trench Engaged"

Disc 3, side 1 - bonus tracks[]

  1. "Mera Montage"
  2. "Home Invasion"
  3. "Saving Pops"
  4. "Ahab Waves"
  5. "Ask the Sea"
  6. 'Obligation"
  7. "Dunes"

Disc 3, side 2 - remixes[]

  1. "Suited & Booted" (Our Empire Remix)
  2. "The Black Manta" (Future Funk Squad Remix)
  3. "Atlantean Soldiers" (Glen Nicholls 'March in Formation' Remix)
  4. "Kingdom of Atlantis" (Glen Nicholls 'Escape to Atlantis' Remix)



Behind the scenes[]

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