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Aquaman: The Junior Novel is the book adaptation of Aquaman.


Based on the major motion picture, Aquaman: The Junior Novel retells the action-packed story of Aquaman. This paperback contains never-before-seen scenes and an eight-page full-color insert of eye-catching art.

Home is calling. . . .

Known to most as simply Aquaman, Arthur Curry possesses incredible powers. He’s also the reluctant heir to a mysterious underwater kingdom. But Arthur wants nothing to do with the people of Atlantis, who took his mother from him many years ago.

Arthur’s destiny beckons when a vicious storm sends the warships of several world powers to shipwreck on the shores. This act is a warning from the King of Atlantis himself to the surface world: War is coming.

Aquaman will have to travel deep beneath the sea to protect the surface world from the looming threat. In order to save the only world he’s ever known, will Aquaman embrace his destiny to unite the seven kingdoms of Atlantis?

Differences from the movie[]

  • In the movie, during the prologue, Atlanna destroys Thomas Curry's television during the broadcasting of the TV series Stingray. In the novelization the television is instead broadcasting some severe weather alerts.
  • In the novelization the scene where Atlanna eats a gold fish in Amnesty Bay lighthouse is absent.
  • In the movie, the Stalnoivolk's Captain is simply taken to David Kane to be killed. In the novelization, it is implied that he has been beaten by Jesse Kane's men.
  • Before Arthur is taken before King Orm, he awakens in a dungeon lined with prisoners. Next to him is a pufferfish-like Atlantean who has been mutilated, and the Atlantean court guards kick him before tasing Arthur to take him to the royal court. This scene is not present in the film.
  • After defeating Black Manta, Arthur and Mera dive into the sea in search of the Trident of Atlan. In the film Mera takes them out on a boat. Arthur is reluctant to be king at this point in the film, and he continues to feel unworthy of the trident at least until it's in his grasp, but diving into the sea, he considers himself worthy of the trident in the novel.
    • This is also where the novel ends, so Arthur never finds the trident, meets Atlanna, participates in the War for Atlantis, or becomes king.





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