The Apokoliptian priests were a group of New Gods, tasked with carrying the Mother Boxes from planet to planet and combining them, to form the Unity.


Invasion of Earth

Steppenwolf arrives to invade Earth

Steppenwolf with the 9 priests behind him, forming the Unity

Over 30,000 years ago, the Apokoliptian general Steppenwolf led an invasion on Earth, with his army of Parademons: However, his attempts at conquering were met with resistance from the combined forces of Humans, Amazons, Atlanteans, Olympian Old Gods, as well as the Green Lantern Corps.

Steppenwolf's quest was to use the Mother Boxes to terraform Earth. Accompanying them were 9 priests, three carrying each Mother Box. Their task was to combine the Boxes, creating the Unity, which would allow Earth to be transformed into the primordial hellscape of Apokolips. However, their attempts were stopped, when the combined forces of Earth's armies proved to be too much for Steppenwolf. While he was being dragged back into a ship by his Parademons, Zeus blasted the three Boxes apart with a lightning bolt, separating them and killing a few of the priests in the process.[1]






  • The Apokoliptian priests bear a strong resemblance to Desaad, a New God from the comics, who serves as Darkseid's master torturer and right hand.
  • DeSaad was revealed to be in the Apokoliptian Priests and Justice League, but it was cut from the film.[2][3]



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