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Apokoliptian warships are the primary fleet carriers of the Apokoliptian New Gods, used to carry parademons across galaxies to attack other worlds.


Invasion of Earth[]

Apokoliptian ship destroyed

An Apokoliptian warship being taken down by Artemis.

Thousands of years ago, when Apokolips attacked Earth, Darkseid and Steppenwolf used these warships to carry swarms of parademons across the stars, unleashing them on the human-Amazon-Atlantean alliance in an attempt to bring the terranean people to their knees. When the earthlings managed to push back the would-be conquerors, the Apokoliptians retreated to the ships to make their escape.[1][2]


At some point in a possible future, the Apokoliptians again attacked the Earth, once again using their warships. Pillars of fire connected the ships to the lands around Gotham City, scorching the skies.[3]