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"I can't print this, Lois, you might've hallucinated half of it." ―Perry White, Man of Steel
"I can't print this, Lois, you might've hallucinated half of it." ―Perry White, Man of Steel
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"The defenders of Earth made a vow: Men, Atlanteans and Amazons, each would enshrine and guard one of the three sleeping Mother Boxes according to the rites and rituals of their cultures, in case a box should ever wake again to call out to the planet Apokolips to return and conquer the only world Darkseid had ever lost."
Wonder Woman[src]

Apokolips is the extra-dimensional home world for some of the New Gods and the Parademons, serving as the seat of power for their leader, Darkseid.


Dictated by the tyrant ruler Darkseid, Apokolips is described by Diana as a "primordial hellscape."[1] Apokolips is a desert planet, with hot winds blowing sand everywhere, and giant columns of fiery energy constantly billowing out of holes in the planet's core. Parademons fill the skies, and their leader searched for the Anti-Life Equation, a transcendental, mind-controlling mathematical formula that could be used to conquer the universe.[2]


"For Darkseid!"
―The Apokoliptian warcry[src]

The culture of Apokolips seems to revolve around Darkseid. The peoples of Apokolips, even Darkseid's own uncle Steppenwolf, seem to fear and worship him, obeying his every command and placing his name in their warcry. This loyalty makes the Apokoliptian citizens throw themselves into the mines and throw away their lives to help retrieve the Anti-Life Equation, all of it in the name of their Lord Darkseid.[2]

However, this wasn't always the case. When Darkseid received his first defeat five thousands years ago, which nearly ended in his death, the position of power he once had became almost non-existent as he recovered, leading to certain elements of Apokolips to try and take power for themselves for the next thousand years before Darkseid ultimately became ruler. This demonstrates that the population of Apokolips are only loyal so long as the ruler is seen as powerful and won't hesitate to overthrow them if they appear weak or vulnerable.




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