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"Carried from planet to planet... The Mother Boxes combined to form the Unity. An apocalyptic power that not only destroys worlds but transforms them into the primordial hell's gate of Steppenwolf's birthworld."
Wonder Woman[src]

Apokolips[1] is the native world of some of the New Gods and the Parademons, and serves as the seat of power for their leader, Darkseid.


Dictated by the tyrant ruler Darkseid, Apokolips is described by Diana as a "primordial hellscape." Apokolips is a desert planet, with hot winds blowing sand everywhere, and giant columns of fiery energy constantly billowing out of holes in the planet's core. Parademons fill the skies, and their leader searched for the Anti-Life Equation, a transcendental, mind-controlling mathematical formula that could be used to conquer the universe.[citation needed]


"For the Unity! For Darkseid!"
―The Apokoliptian warcry[src]

The culture of Apokolips seems to revolve around Darkseid. The peoples of Apokolips, even Darkseid's own uncle Steppenwolf, seem to fear and worship him, obeying his every command and placing his name in their warcry. This loyalty makes the Apokoliptian citizens throw themselves into the mines and throw away their lives to help retrieve the Anti-Life Equation, all of it in the name of their Lord Darkseid.[citation needed]

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