Andrew Sullivan is a best-selling author, and notable skeptic in regards to the alien hero Superman.


As Superman continues his heroic career in the 2 years following the Black Zero Event, the world continues responding to Superman and what his existence means to the world, with the media referring to it as "The Superman Question". The question sparks quite a bit of controversy worldwide, with many being quick to express their opinions.

Sullivan is seen on a news show, adamantly expressing his position on "The Superman Question." He happens to be among those with openly negative views, with Sullivan questioning whether there are any moral constraints on Superman, and that, due to there being International Law, every one of Superman's acts is a political one[2].

Clark himself sees this interview on television, and is visibly dismayed.





  1. Sometimes the DC Extended Universe alludes to people who existed in our world, and it is assumed they were born on the same day in the universe, for timeline purposes.
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