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"Meet me at Amusement Mile. The Booby Trap. In one hour."
Roman Sionis to Harley Quinn[src]

The Amusement Mile is an entertainment district encompassing the north waterway of Gotham City. Built in the 1910s, the Amusement Mile Boardwalk contains many tourist attractions including Haley's Circus, and the Newton Fairgrounds and Amusement Park. Known for its "dark carnival" aesthetic, Amusement Mile is only partially operational, with most of the district abandoned and left to the elements.[1]



Amusement Mile

Amusement Mile

The Amusement Mile was built in the 1910s, and still carries its original wooden boardwalk. The glory days of the Amusement Mile were during the 1970s, followed by decades of decline. However, a bohemian revival circa 2005 brought in new stunt shows and circus troupes including the Haley Brothers acrobatic show, Canada's Cirque des Planets, and Europe's Cirque Sensationnel.[1]

Battle at the Booby Trap[]


Black Canary uses her sonic scream on Black Mask's forces at the Booby Trap

In 2020, the Booby Trap attraction at the Amusement Mile was the site of a battle between Black Mask's forces and Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey. Quinn had arranged with Roman Sionis (Black Mask) himself to turn over Cassandra Cain, who had swallowed the Bertinelli diamond, the extremely valuable diamond that was key to unlocking the fortune of the Bertinelli crime family. When Black Mask sent the might of a small army after Quinn and her allies, they all quickly realized they were going to have to fight in order to save Cain and themselves. Despite Black Mask's forces having the upper hand in numbers, they proved no match for Harley Quinn and her team.[2]



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