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The Amnesty Bay Lighthouse was a historical lighthouse owned and operated by lighthouse keeper Thomas Curry and located in Amnesty Bay, Maine. It was one of the few remaining non-automated lighthouses to require a human operator.


Rescuing Atlanna[]

In 1985, Atlanna washed up on the shore of Amnesty Bay, Maine during Hurricane Gloria, wounded and unconscious. She was found by Thomas Curry, who carried her to the lighthouse and nursed her back to health, and they eventually developed a relationship that resulted in the birth of their son Arthur Curry.[1]

A few years later, Atlantean soldiers attacked the lighthouse in an attempt to force Atlanna to go back to Atlantis under the orders of Orvax Marius. While Atlanna defeats them, she realized her family will never be safe and voluntarily returns to Atlantis. Over the next twenty years, Thomas would go to the pier ever morning in hopes of seeing her again and was able to do do after Aquaman rescued Atlanna from the Hidden Sea, fulfilling her promise of coming back.[1]


In 2022, the lighthouse was destroyed when a possessed Black Manta kidnapped Aquaman's son, Arthur Curry, Jr.. Thomas narrowly escapes with his life. Sometime later, the lighthouse was rebuilt.



  • Thomas Curry keeps a dog in the lighthouse, as well as an aquarium with several small fish, one of which Atlanna ate when she was rescued.

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