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Amnesty Bay is a coastal area in the U.S. state of Maine. It contains the lighthouse where Thomas Curry lives and works.


20th Century[]

Hurricane Gloria[]

In 1985, Atlanna washed up on the shore of Amnesty Bay during Hurricane Gloria, wounded and unconscious. Thomas Curry carried her to the Lighthouse and nursed her back to health, and they eventually developed a relationship that resulted in the birth of Arthur Curry.

However, a few years later, some Men-of-War ordered her to return to Atlantis at once to face judgment for birthing a half breed child. She engaged in a fight against the Men and Wear and took them out, but knew she had to return to Atlantis. Atlanna bade farewell to Thomas and Arthur before promising that she would return one day.[1]

21st Century[]

Attack on the Surface World[]

In 2018, as Arthur and his father were driving home, a tidal wave sent by Orm Marius and the Atlanteans hit Amnesty Bay, submerging a large portion of it and drowning Thomas, although he was resurrected by Mera. By the morning, Amnesty Bay was devastated by the wave, with marine trash and several warships floating in the shallow waters.[1]


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