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The Ambush on Billy Batson was when Billy Batson was discovered and attacked by Thaddeus Sivana across Philadelphia, after saving a bus filled with passengers.[1]


Years ago, Thaddeus Sivana attempted to gain the Wizard's powers as a child only to be denied by the wizard Shazam. Eventually, he absorbed the Seven Deadly Sins, leading Shazam to make Billy Batson his champion. After Sivana massacred his family for the abuse they wrought on him, the Sins told him of the new champion, to which he ordered them to lead him to his quarry.[2]


Shortly after being confronted by his foster brother Freddy Freeman for abusing his newfound powers, Billy was confronted by Thaddeus Sivana. Sivana, wanting to take the power of Shazam, demanded he hand it over. Not taking him seriously in the least, Shazam attacked Sivana. Fortunately, Sivana intercepted the blow with his hand. He lifted him up in the air, terrifying Shazam and causing him to scream for mercy. Amused, Sivana dropped him, but Billy awakened his power of flight close to impact with the ground, much to his relief.

The battle dragged on inside a mall with Billy severely outmatched and still not fully understanding his powers. Sivana finally pinned Billy to the ground, once more asking for the wizard's power. But the latter decided to turn back into his teenage self again, which blinded Sivana with the bolt of lightning briefly, and blended in with the panicked crowd. Meanwhile, Freddy noticed Billy fighting in the background, confused with who the villain was.[2]


When Freddy Freeman entered the mall looking for Shazam, Thaddeus Sivana saw him, remembered his connection to him, and demanded to know where he went. However, he had ultimately failed to capture the champion.[2]