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The Amazon Games are a series of athletic challenges held to honor the best of the Amazons. They're held annually in the Amazonian coliseum.[1]

After the crash of the gong, the race starts with an obstacle course in the coliseum. After that is a swim from the cliffside coliseum to the shore, followed by horseback archery. The final leg of the race involves reentering the coliseum and throwing spears through rings.[2]


As a child, Diana entered the games. She used her small size to her advantage to take the lead early, which she held for a large portion of the race. Unfortunately, as she was looking back at her opponents, she could not see a tree branch, she fell off her horse, forcing her to take a shortcut that bypassed the final archery target. Diana caught up with her horse and rode back to the coliseum. When she got off the horse to throw her spear in the ring, Antiope pulled her away, denying her victory because she cheated.[2]




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