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"Hey, all that stuff about his kid... you wouldn't really do that, right?"
"You don't know half of what I would do, John."
John Economos and Amanda Waller[src]

Amanda Waller is a high-ranking official of the United States Government and the Director of A.R.G.U.S.. She has ties to several espionage and law enforcement agencies, and is the commanding officer for the expendable field team Task Force X.

Following Superman's death, Waller decided to recruit a group of metahumans to complete high-risk missions named as Task Force X, but the member known as Enchantress would slip out of his control threatening to destroy humanity. As a consequence, she sent Task Force X to stop her, managing to kill her in the process. After completing the mission, Waller reduced the sentence of the squad members, but returned to Belle Reve. Shortly after, Waller met with Bruce Wayne to deliver information on metahumans as he needed to gather a group of warriors to defend Earth from a threat.

Four years later, Waller was informed about a coup in Corto Maltese, running the risk that information about the U.S.' participation in illegal experiments at the Jotunheim base would be made public to the world. In retaliation, Waller again recruited Task Force X on a mission to destroy all records of Project Starfish, causing the Jotunheim base to be destroyed, but freeing the beast known as Starro in the process. After the team rebelled to stop Starro and Waller was knocked out by her assistants, she was forced to negotiate with Bloodsport so that the records were not revealed in exchange for the freedom of the team.

Still having an operation to accomplish, Waller hired Clemson Murn to lead a new team, while rescuing one of the Task Force X Members, Peacemaker to be re-recruited. In revenge for being betrayed, Waller also sent her former assistants Emilia Harcourt and John Economos to get involved in Project Butterfly and offered her daughter, Leota Adebayo to join the mission. In the aftermath of Project Butterfly, Leota made Waller's underhanded operations publicly known.

When Teth-Adam was freed on Kahndaq and killed several Intergang members, Waller contacted Hawkman, who had reformed the Justice Society, to defeat and imprison Adam, which they succeeded in doing, but Adam would eventually escape. After the Battle of Kahndaq, Waller called Adam to threaten him not to flee his nation, sending Superman to stop him. Eventually learning about the hero Billy Batson, Waller sent Emilia Harcourt and John Economos to try to recruit him into the Society.


Early life[]

Director of A.R.G.U.S.[]

"These are villains, Amanda. What makes you think you can control them?"
"Because getting people to act against their own self-interest for the national security of the United States is what I do for a living."
Mackenzie Olsen and Amanda Waller[src]

Amanda Waller became the Director of A.R.G.U.S. and swiftly built up a fearsome reputation for herself, being nicknamed "The Wall" due to how ruthless, dominating, and unrelenting she is when dealing with others. As a result, many frightening stories about Waller were told by those who have encountered her, but everyone disbelieved them until dealing with her personally. Waller, therefore, is one of the most feared and respected people in the US government.[1]

Waller had a daughter named Leota, and wanted her to follow her steps and join A.R.G.U.S. but Leota rejected the offer every time Amanda pressured her about it. Despite this causing tension between the two, Amanda and Leota continued to be in good terms with each other.[2] At some point, Waller ordered the creation of Task Force X Black Site under the sea in Antarctica, where various dangerous metahumans began to be imprisoned.[3]Amanda Waller also Lex Luthor on at least one occasion, as he indirectly referred to Waller, A.R.G.U.S., and the Task Force X idea, in an interview with Ron Troupe.[4]

Forming Task Force X[]

Presenting her idea[]

Amanda Waller noted that even after his death, Superman continued to have a profound impact on the world - his alien heritage and usage of his powers for selfless heroism make Superman a beacon of hope and inspiration for metahumans like the Flash, inducing them to more openly use their powers and come out into the light, with the Flash notably apprehending the notorious bank robber Captain Boomerang as a result.

Waller herself, however, had a much more negative view on Superman after his death, since while she posthumously respected Superman himself for his benevolence and selflessness, she recognized that there could very well be other beings out there, beings with equally tremendous godlike power, coupled with far less friendly intentions such as starting a potential "World War III". Fearing the inability of humans to stop such beings, Waller promptly advocated for the creation of Task Force X - her own potentially disposable team of individuals with exceptional powers, abilities, and skills, which could be forced to battle against such formidable threats as a contingency, whereas a normal non-disposable human army would be powerless.

Waller selects the most suitable candidates for this task force: the lethally formidable marksman Deadshot, the notorious rope assassin Slipknot, prolific Australian bank robber Captain Boomerang, the formidable psychopath Harley Quinn, the mighty metahuman Killer Croc, the exceptionally powerful pyrokinetic metahuman El Diablo, and finally Enchantress - the most powerful metahuman that Waller had ever come across. Waller also intended to have US Colonel Rick Flag join the team as its leader, along with his formidable samurai bodyguard Katana. However, Waller realized putting such a team together would take an exceptional and persuasive amount of planning.[1]

Recruiting Members[]

"You're playing with fire, Amanda."
"I'm fighting fire with fire."
Mackenzie Olsen and Amanda Waller[src]

Before advocating her idea of Task Force X, Waller would order Rick Flag to protect June Moone, the woman who unwillingly hosted the spirit of Enchantress after discovering it in a vial in Peru. The two would quickly grow close and become lovers, as Waller had intended for her to attain leverage over both of them. To ensure Enchantress's cooperation with joining the task force, Waller gained possession of the metahuman's cut-out heart, threatening to kill her if Enchantress refused to comply with her orders.

To gain Deadshot for her squad, Waller secretly helped Batman, anonymously letting the latter know when and where best to intercept Deadshot, using his daughter daughter as a weakness, with Deadshot being imprisoned in Blackgate Penitentiary, and Waller then transferring him to Belle Reve. Waller also helped Batman to pursue Harley Quinn and the Joker, so he swiftly incapacitates Quinn and drove her to Arkham Asylum, where Waller promptly transferred her to Belle Reve.

Captain Boomerang would be intercepted by the Flash during yet another one of his bank robberies. Killer Croc, a Batman's major enemy, was intercepted and tasered into submission by Waller's A.R.G.U.S. SWAT team, and taken to Belle Reve. Waller would be surprised by El Diablo's powers, believing that the devil himself had given his powers.[1]

Amanda Waller sits at dinner with government officials

Waller discussing about the Task Force X.

With all of her potentially unwilling intended Task Force X recruits finally being subdued and locked up within Belle Reve, Waller met Dexter Tolliver and Admiral Olsen to discuss her Task Force X proposition, giving them a detailed description of all of the candidates. Ultimately, however, Olsen objected to the proposition, appalled at the idea of Waller entrusting homeland security to "witches, gang-bangers, crocodiles, and the Joker's girlfriend." Waller, however, remained adamant, intending on presenting her idea at The Pentagon, as Dexter was more supportive of her idea.[1]

Pentagon Presentation[]

Waller talking about the Suicide Squad

Waller advocating her idea for Task Force X to the US government.

"What if Superman had decided to fly down, rip off the roof of the White House, and grab the President right out of the Oval Office? Who would have stopped him?"
Dexter Tolliver[src]

Sometime later, Waller visited the Pentagon, where she presented her idea of Task Force X. Although many questioned her plans, she proved them wrong by asking Enchantress to steal military plans from the Weapons ministry vault in Tehran for them and quickly earned the trust of the US military.[1]

Visiting Belle Reve[]

Amanda Waller enters Belle Reve

Waller visits Belle Reve.

"Are you the Devil?"
Harley Quinn and Amanda Waller[src]

Amanda Waller visited Belle Reve prison, where her intended recruits for Task Force X were held captive. They were received by Guard Hunter Griggs, who greeted Flag, although he told him that he should flatter Waller. She then visited Harley Quinn, who believed that she was the devil and Waller replied that perhaps if she was, the attempts to recruit them were in doubt of her keeping her promises of cutting their prison sentences and El Diablo rejected the proposal altogether.

Floyd Lawton is given a gun after imprisonment

Waller talks with Deadshot.

Finally they visited Deadshot and took him out to see their skills, where Lawton was joking about the weapon believing that there were no bullets and Waller allowed him to find out himself threatening Griggs. Waller watched Lawton firing his goals and listened to his suggestions thinking about meeting them if he helps them. Waller later argued with Flag about the idea of recruiting them and Waller told him that it is necessary to avoid a possible third world war and threatened Flag with Moone if he did not cooperate.[1]

Return of Enchantress and Incubus[]

Display to Midway City[]

"The only person that matters in the city, the one person you can't kill. Complete the mission, you get time off your prison sentence. Fail the mission, you die."
―Amanda Waller to Deadshot[src]
Waller informs the squad about the mission

Waller informs the squad about the mission.

Waller's fears ultimately prove to be valid, as several days later June Moone transforms into the Enchantress during her sleep, subsequently teleporting back to her Central American tomb and opening the vial containing the spirit of her brother Incubus. Waller began to worry and glad to see how the government finally agreed to activate the Task Force X. Waller called A.R.G.U.S. to take them to Dr. Van Criss and implement the Nano-Bombs in their skulls. After they prepared, Flag showed a Waller call to them and she spoke with them giving mission information.

Amanda Waller worryingly watches the screen

Waller while monitoring the situation.

Waller stuck behind in the city to watch Enchantress' methods, to plan out ways to counter her; as a result, she gave them the mission of rescuing "HVT1" (High Value Target 1) from within a safe house in the city, talking about Enchantress and Incubus and told them that they must get the heart of enchantress in Midway City and for that they must find HVT1 in a building and warned about detonating the Nano-Bombs in their skulls. She also mentioned that if they disobey her, they would die and promised that if they manage to fulfill the mission, she would reduce their sentence and say goodbye wishing them luck warning that he is observing everything they do.[1]

Kidnapped by Enchantress[]

"Do your worst, bitch!"
―Amanda Waller to Enchantress[src]
Waller threatens the team

Waller threatens the Task Force X.

Secretly, Waller was actually the HVT1 and it was actually in Midway City to deliver the heart of Enchantress to the squad. After the squad arriveed at the building, Waller met Rick Flag and were surprised by Deadshot, who discovered the truth and she killed everyone on the FBI to continue with the mission and was upset because Flag had to pay the consequences for having left Enchantress escape, Waller then revealed herself as the HVT1 and threatened to exploit their heads if they betray it

Waller gives Enchantress her heart

Waller gives Enchantress her heart.

Waller was guided to a helicopter to take her safe, but everything was a trap orchestrated by the Joker and Waller bothered because it could not kill Quinn and personally took care of kill her. After leaving a helicopter, Waller took his heart to keep it safe, but it fell through the Eyes of the Adversary and Waller was captured by Incubus and taken to Enchantress's lair. Waller had to deliver the heart to Enchantress and was locked.[1]

Battle of Midway City[]

"How are you not dead?"
Deadshot to Amanda Waller[src]
Waller accepts the squad's requests

Waller accepts the squad's requests.

Freed from Enchantress' doomsday weapon, Waller appeared in front of the squad when they planned to leave back to their old lives. Brandishing the detonator, Waller was challenged by Captain Boomerang; however, she was able to intimidate him into backing off when he implied fighting her for his freedom. When the squad asks for a reward beyond a reduced sentence in prison, Waller relented, allowing Harley an espresso machine, Deadshot visits his daughter and giving Croc the B.E.T. television network to watch.[1]

Amanda Waller's files[]

"That's the difference between us, Mr. Wayne - you believe in friendship, I believe in leverage."
―Amanda Waller to Bruce Wayne[src]
Amanda Waller talks to Bruce Wayne

Waller talks to Bruce Wayne.

After the Task Force X's re-imprisonment, Waller met her Bruce Wayne, and, in exchange for him promising her to take care of the rumors following the aftermath of the calamitous mystical events in Midway City, Waller gave Bruce files on the specific Metahumans that he requested, including Aquaman and the Flash, along with Enchantress. As Bruce turned to leave, Waller let him know that she was aware that he was Batman. Unfazed, Bruce immediately, and sternly, warned Waller to shut down Task Force X or he and his friends would do it for her.[1]

With the files now in their possession, Bruce Wayne and his butler Alfred Pennyworth worked together to use the provided information to their advantage in preparing for future eventualities. One of the countermeasures they developed was a system within the Batcomputer that would allow users to step into the respective perspectives of each of the metahumans Bruce Wayne wished to recruit, simulating their abilities in battle.[5]

Mission in Corto Maltese[]

Recruiting New Members[]

"I wouldn't take such extreme measures if this mission weren't more important than you could possibly imagine. I'm protecting this country."
―Amanda Waller to Robert DuBois[src]
Waller's Aides

Waller and her team visiting Belle Reve.

Four years later, Waller was informed of a violent military coup on Corto Maltese with the new dictator Silvio Luna. According to Waller's intel, Luna intended to take control of Project Starfish and use it to declare war against the United States. To destroy any evidence of USA's involvement with the project that could cause any international crisis, she reactivated Task Force X with the goal of destroying the Nazi laboratory Jotunheim where the project was held, making a backhanded deal with Peacemaker where she would fully pardon his crimes as long as he prevented any evidence of USA's involvement with Project Starfish from going public, with Waller and her team later visiting Belle Reve.

Bloodsport threatens Waller

Waller is threatened by Bloodsport.

As the first member, Waller tried to recruit Bloodsport, as he would be the leader, after Rick Flag recommended him, but he refused. Upon learning that his daughter, Tyla DuBois, stole a watch, Waller threatened to incarcerate her if he refused, which caused DuBois to threaten to kill her, and despite her allies wanting to help her, Waller refused yelling at them because she had the situation under control. Waller told him thatthat the mission was too important to take risks, forcing Bloodsport to comply.

Waller introduces Peacemaker to Bloodsport

Waller introduces Peacemaker to Bloodsport.

After convincing DuBois, Waller led him around the Belle Reve prison to meet his fellow teammates, explaining that each was chosen for their extraordinary abilities, first meeting Peacemaker, an extremist vigilante, then King Shark, a giant shark, and Ratcatcher 2, who could control rats, with Waller ordering her to get up and accompany them, and meeting Polka-Dot Man, who could throw colored dots. With the team complete, she explained everything about the Mission in Corto Maltese.

Waller explains the mission

Waller explains the mission.

In order to enter Jotunheim, Waller informed them that they would need to find Gaius Grieves, a Jotunheim scientist who frequently visited La Gatita Amable. With the introduction over, Waller answered the team's questions, before informing them that they would be leaving in three days, and to prevent them from escape, they were injected with Nano-Bombs. Waller gathered two separate teams to participate in the mission, with the second team bieng composed of weak individuals would be unknowing cannon fodder intended to distract the Corto Maltese Armed Forces while the real team infiltrated unopposed and did not inform anyone besides her mission control staff.[6]

Battle on the Corto Maltese Beach[]

Waller recruits Savant

Waller recruits Savant.

"Waller, we need to retreat."
"Negative, Flag. The mission is too important, this is a tough group, you can make it."
Rick Flag and Amanda Waller[src]

Following her plan the cannon fodder team, Waller recruited Rick Flag as the team's leader, also recruiting Harley Quinn, Javelin, Mongal, Captain Boomerang, Blackguard, T.D.K., and Weasel as part of the team by convincing them to reduce their sentences. As a final member, she recruited Savant, who quickly volunteered for the mission, so she introduced him to Flag and they met up with the others at the airport.

Waller communicates with Flag

Waller communicates with Rick Flag.

Later, Waller interrupted her team, who were making bets on who would survive and who would die, and contacted Flag and tricked him into telling him that upon reaching the beach, the squad would be told what they would be doing. While monitoring the test group, Waller prepared the real squad led by Bloodsport to go to the other side of the beach. When Weasel fell into the water, Waller became disappointed in her subordinates, as they did not know that Weasel could not swim.

Waller celebrates that the distraction worked

Waller celebrates that the distraction worked.

Because Blackguard alerted the military that was there, Waller denied Flag and the squad the right to flee, as the mission was important, and tricked them into thinking that there weren't many of them. When most of the squad died, Waller and John Economos detected Savant trying to escape, which they took as treason, so they activated his explosive to kill him. After Bloodsport' team reached the other side of the island, Waller informed them to keep walking, as the fight was just a distraction, as Waller and her team celebrated.[6]

Massacre of the Maltese Resistance[]

Waller and her team discover that Bloodsport is afraid of rats

Waller and her team discover that Bloodsport is afraid of rats.

"I’ve uploaded the location on your MTS. Terminate his captors with extreme prejudice. Kill anyone you see. These are dangerous people. Recover Flag before moving on to the city."
―Amanda Waller to the Task Force X[src]

When King Shark was confronted by the squad about eating Cleo Cazo, Waller informed them that he was the strongest member of the squad, despite his attitude. Overhearing the squad's discussion, Waller and her team learned that Bloodsport was afraid of Cleo Cazo's rats, angering Waller.

Waller orders the squad to save Flag

Waller orders the squad to save Rick Flag.

After John Economos managed to locate Rick Flag, Waller instructed the team to rescue Flag before proceeding with the mission, instructing them to kill anyone who would seem like a threat without hesitation. Waller's instructions would cause Task Force X to murder most of Maltese Resistance, who had rescued Flag rather than kidnapping him, despite that Flag convinced the freedom fighters to assist Task Force X in infiltrating Jotunheim.[6]

Losing Communication[]

Waller reminds Bloodsport of his threat

Waller reminds Bloodsport of his threat.

"The military must have put signal jammers around the city. Your comms are down, but we can still activate the bombs, not to mention what will happen to your daughter. So, no funny business. Do you copy, DuBois?"
―Amanda Waller and Robert DuBois[src]

Waller was playing golf with Senator Cray, resenting her poor skills until she learned from Flo Crawley that they were losing communication with Task Force X, so Waller tried to contact them, and informed Robert DuBois that the Corto Maltese military had placed devices to prevent phone calls, as they were losing communication, Waller told DuBois not to betray her, or Tyla would pay the consequences.

Waller tells Economos that she is capable of anything

Waller tells John Economos that she is capable of anything.

After finishing her message, John Economos believed she was lying about the threat against Tyla, but Waller confessed to him that she was capable of doing anything. After several hours, Waller and her team fell asleep because they still had no communication. The squad later found out the truth that the United States government were the true perpetrators of Project Starfish. Flag intended to release all the incriminating evidence to the press only for Peacemaker to kill him due to his deal with Waller. Bloodsport defeated Peacemaker and obtained the hard drive containing all the evidence when Starro broke free and escaped to the surface.[6]

Battle of Valle Del Mar[]

Waller orders the squad to leave

Waller orders the squad to leave.

"Turn back now, goddammit! What're you doing, Task Force X?! Fuck! Turn around now, goddammit! Useless pieces of shit! Motherfucker! Goddammit, Task Force X! This is your last motherfucking warning!"
―Amanda Waller to Task Force X[src]

The few surviving members of Task Force X insisted that they should stop Starro's rampage, only for Waller to tell the Squad that their mission had been completed and Corto Maltese was no longer an ally of the America, therefore the government no longer cared if Starro killed everyone in the island.

Waller yells at the squad

Waller yells at the squad.

Task Force X refused to walk away from the crisis and committed full-blown mutiny, with every known surviving member turning around to deal with Starro, knowing full well the risks they faced of being killed. Waller became enraged and ordered all their attached explosives to be activated while she angrily yelled and cursed at Task Force X for their insubordination. Just as she was about to execute the entire squad, Waller's aide Flo Crawley knocked her out cold with a golf club so that the mission control could aid the squad in order to save the people of Corto Maltese.

Waller is blackmailed by Bloodsport

Waller is blackmailed by Bloodsport.

Upon awakening, Waller ordered Crawley's arrest.[7] The squad ultimately came out victorious in their battle against Starro, followed by Bloodsport blackmailing Waller into letting them go free under the threat of releasing all the incriminating evidence linking the government to Jotunheim. Waller reluctantly agreed in shame simply claiming that she had turned Bloodsport into a leader.[6]

Project Butterfly[]

Forming a new Task Force[]

"This is the guy Waller's giving us? I told you she's fucking us."
"She's not fucking us."
"Is that an eagle in his backseat?"
"She's fucking us."
Emilia Harcourt, Clemson Murn, and Leota Adebayo[src]

In the aftermath of the entire fiasco, Peacemaker was found buried under the rubble of Jotunheim and was taken to the Mount Rouge Health Center to recover under Waller's orders as she still had other plans for the vigilante and he was the only one who wasn't included in Bloodsport's blackmailing.[8] Waller planned to create task force team to conduct Project Butterfly, she knew that any attempt to investigate the Butterflies would be shut down by her superiors, forcing her to conduct the mission illegaly by covertly diverging funds from other operations.

Waller hired the mercenary Clemson Murn to lead the new team, due to the illegal nature of the mission the team had to work with very limited resources, so Waller had her staff assigned Emilia Harcourt and John Economos, to look after Peacemaker and participate in the mission as payback for them turning against her.[7]

Recruiting her daughter[]

"Well, why the fuck did you even come?"
"Because I lost my job and my mother offered me this one!"
Emilia Harcourt and Leota Adebayo[src]

Around the same time Waller's daughter Leota Adebayo had lost her job, when Waller found out about it she offered Leota a job at Project Butterfly which Leota reluctantly agreed due to needing the money despite knowing that it was yet another of Waller's attempts to recruit Leota into A.R.G.U.S.. Waller prepared a forged diary of Peacemaker which contained fake evidence meant to incriminate him for whatever crime her undercover team would commit throughout Project Butterfly. Waller instructed Leota to sneak the fake diary on to Peacemaker's house so that the police could find it later.[9]

Call to Leota[]

"Empathy in this business, Leota, that would make you kill."
"Yea, well, it doesn't really matters, that's it? I appreciate it but after this job is done, Keeya and I will be back to our feet, and I'll find a job that I actually like."
―Amanda Waller and Leota Adebayo[src]
Leota talks to Amanda Waller

Amanda Waller talks with her daughter in a call.

Once the team recruited Peacemaker, Leota Adebayo contacted Waller via online video call to notify her of the progress of their mission. Describing Clemson Murn, John Economos, and Emilia Harcourt by their characteristics, Waller reminded Adebayo of her mission to plant the fake dairy in Peacemaker's trailer in a place where he would not be able to find it. When Adebayo showed signs of empathy, Waller stated that this would kill her, even though she knew her skills would make her essential to the team, remarking that Leota was "wasting her talents" by not joining her at A.R.G.U.S. full time, before bidding farewell to her daughter.[7]

Sending Caspar Locke[]

"Waller said you needed my help."
Caspar Locke to Clemson Murn[src]

Peacemaker killing Annie Sturphausen who turned out to be a Butterfly herself, prompted the Evergreen Police Department began an investigation on the murder which would put the entire operation in danger if Peacemaker were to be arrested. In response, Waller contacted Caspar Locke to inform him that Clemson Murn required his aid in keeping the Evergreen Police off Peacemaker's tracks for the time being by posing as the captain of the Police Department so that he could intercept any evidence that would prove Peacemaker's guilt.[10]

During one of the team's missions Harcourt informed the rest of the team of the illegal nature of their operations. The forged diary was used against Peacemaker earlier than Waller had anticipated when the Butterflies took over the entire Evergreen Police Department including Locke who had retrieved the diary. The incident also forced Leota to reveal that she's Waller's daughter.[9]

Battle at Coverdale Ranch[]

"Mom, there are a wave of more butterflies that we thought, and the whole team is injured. So, I was thinking may be you can call the Justice League."
Leota Adebayo to Amanda Waller[src]

Eventually Waller's undercover team reached the location of the Butterflies' Cow, Leota called Waller asking if she could call the Justice League to help out in the mission, Waller initially asked if they would be able to wait long enough for backup, but Harcourt emphasized that they didn't have the time to do so. Thus, Waller gave instructions on how the operation would be carried out. The Justice League did come to learn of the situation at the Coverdale Ranch, either by Waller's influence or other means. By the time the Justice League arrived however the battle had already ended much to the irritation of the 11th Street Kids and the Justice League's discomfort.[11]

Exposed to the world[]


Amanda Waller watching Adebayo revealing to the world about Task Force X.

"What the fuck?"
―Amanda Waller[src]

A few days later, Leota called for a press conference where she publicly leaked all of Project Butterfly's secrets, clearing Peacemaker's name by clarifying that the incriminating diary was a forgery, and leaked the existence of Task Force X while also revealing Amanda Waller's involvement with the program. Waller watched the press conference on TV through the KWUE news channel, shocked by the turn of events.[11]

Release of Teth-Adam[]

Contacting Carter Hall[]

Waller contacts Carter Hall

Waller contacts Carter Hall.

"Waller, you find us a cell that can hold him, we'll take care of the rest."
"Good luck."
Carter Hall and Amanda Waller[src]

In the aftermath of the massacre caused by the release of Teth-Adam in Kahndaq, Amanda Waller quickly contacted Justice Society leader Carter Hall via video call, showing him footage of the events. When Waller asked Hall what he thought, Hall suggested imprisoning Adam in a maximum security cell, to which Waller explained that the longer he had to adjust to the modern world, the harder it would be to stop him.

Waller asks for a member who could throw punches

Waller asks for a member who could throw punches.

At that, Hall informed that he would head to Kahndaq in 30 minutes, when Waller asked about the members of the team, Hall began by mentioning Maxine Hunkel remarking on her skills in wind manipulation and intelligence Waller found charming, but mentioned that she hoped they would also have someone who can throw punches, so Hall mentioned Al Rothstein, as the nephew of the original Atom Smasher.

Waller wishes the Justice Society luck

Waller wishes the Justice Society luck.

Waller considered the new recruits to be inexperienced, Hall then informed that he had also recruited Kent Nelson. Finally, Waller asked Hall if he was sure they could stop Adam, to which Hall confidently claimed they could take over, so Waller wished them luck and dropped the call. Later, when the team traveled to Kahndaq, Waller sent Hall a file containing ancient texts about Adam's origin.[3]

Threatening Black Adam[]

Amanda Waller warns Black Adam to stay on Kahndaq

Waller warns Black Adam to stay on Kahndaq.

"You don't want to stay in my prison, that's fine. Kahndaq is your prison now. You step one foot ouside of it, you will not live to regret it."
"There's no one on this planet that can stop me."
"I can call in a favor and send people who aren't from this planet."
―Amanda Waller to Black Adam[src]

After Teth-Adam was locked up and escaped from his cell at the Task Force X Black Site facility facing a group of armed soldiers, Amanda Waller contacted Superman requesting him to go to Kahndaq to warn Adam. Following the Battle of Kahndaq, Amanda Waller sent a drone to the Kahndaq palace to communicate with him. Upon descending and appearing before Adam, the drone activated a hologram to initiate a call with Waller, where she warned him that Kahndaq would be his prison.

Amanda Waller threatens Black Adam

Waller threatens Black Adam to send people to stop him.

Waller continued to threaten that if he got out of the nation, he would be defeated, however Adam claimed that there was no one on Earth who could stop him, so Waller threatened that she could send people who weren't from this planet to come deal with him themselves. Unfazed by her intimidation and arrogant attitude, he urged her to send them all, to which Waller agreed before Adam proceeded to destroy the drone with lightning, cutting off communication.[3]

Recruitment of Billy Batson[]

"Waller said this guy is as powerful as they come, but a little immature."
Emilia Harcourt to John Economos[src]

After the Battle of Philadelphia, Waller became interested in the local hero Billy Batson, considering him as a member in the Justice Society as he was too powerful, sending Emilia Harcourt and John Economos to Philadelphia to recruit him, mentioning that Batson was also too immature, based on their investigations.[12]


"I am your consequence."
―Amanda Waller to Rick Flag[src]

Amanda Waller is an exceptionally intelligent and resourceful woman, especially in the fields of tactics and political science, not above using questionable and even outright amoral methods to achieve her planned goals. She is a manipulative and devious leverager, priding herself in being able to frequently get people to act against their self-interests, even people as dangerous as the members of her Suicide Squad, with Waller gaining leverage over them, rather than simply attempting to outfight them, using any of their exploitable weaknesses to her advantage. Indeed, her nickname is "The Wall" due to how ruthless, dominating, and unrelenting she is when dealing with others, which makes Waller one of the most feared and respected people in the US government. Indeed, before joining A.R.G.U.S., Rick Flag would be warned about Waller via frightening stories about her (which many people tend to initially disbelieve), and Harley Quinn even compared Waller to the biblical Devil. However, in this regard, Waller unintentionally gains the respect (and to some extent, disrespect) of the Squad after ruthlessly executing her FBI subordinates in front of them. After witnessing this, Deadshot, himself a notorious assassin, respectfully calls Waller a "mean lady", remarking that "[it's] gangsta", while Killer Croc even claims to like her. Waller also knows to make some useful situational allies, a notable one being Batman.

Although Waller has no metahuman powers herself, she more than makes up for it with her tremendous determination and willpower, which make her an extremely formidable opponent. Hence, when Enchantress kidnaps her and demands that Waller reveal the locations of the secret technological facilities of A.R.G.U.S., Waller adamantly refuses, emphasizing that she wouldn't break under torture, challenging Enchantress to "do [her] worst", even fearlessly insulting the latter to her face. Enchantress is thereby forced to knock out and telepathically assault the mind of Waller to get her way.

However, Waller's leverage-based power is also her greatest weakness, since (ironically, much like Enchantress) it occasionally makes her arrogant and overconfident, believing that her perfect leverage over everyone she wishes to control, makes her supremely powerful. Hence, Waller is somewhat caught off-guard when an unexpected turn of events causes her plans to not work out the way she intended. This is most notable when Enchantress manages to outwit Waller - releasing her brother Incubus upon Midway City, knowing full well that Waller (not knowing of him being Enchantress' brother) would dispatch her to take the mighty metahuman down, which, in turn, would allow Enchantress to reach Incubus and (via his mystical empowerment) become immune to her exposed heart weakness before Waller could stop Enchantress by stabbing said heart. This catastrophic error in judgment on Waller's part results in the metahuman duo wreaking havoc upon Midway City, forcing Waller to execute her FBI subordinates (due to their knowledge of this error of hers), and then turn to genius tactician Batman for help in the aftermath, so that he might help cover up her involvement in the matter, and keep the wrong people in the US intelligence community from finding out.

However, while amoral, unempathetic, hypocritical, ruthless, and strict, everything Waller does is ultimately for the national safety of the United States and she is not ungrateful, as Waller notably rewarded the surviving Suicide Squad members for saving the world and rescuing her from Enchantress and Incubus by not only taking 10 years off of each of their respective prison sentences, but also even generously granting them some personal requests (granting the prison cells of Harley Quinn, Deadshot and Killer Croc an espresso machine, a punching bag, and cable TV respectively, as well as allowing Deadshot prolonged monitored visits to his daughter Zoe from time to time). She was also willing to disobey her superiors in order to fight against the Butterflies, which she perceived as a threat, by illegally directing an unofficial Task Force X under the radar. Along with that, she also posthumously respects Superman's benevolence and selflessness despite seeing his level of power as a threat, fondly acknowledging that he shared many of humanity's beliefs and appearing offended when her normal composure was mistaken by a lack of care for his death. She is also very patient and tolerant with the eccentric personalities of the new Suicide Squad, calmly responding to Cleo's "question" and Nanaue's "response", although her patience does have it limits, like when she went to Cleo's solitary cage and obligated her to wake up by yelling her to "move her ass". The same goes to her subordinates, withstanding that they do bet about which one of the Task Force X members will die first.

Amanda shows a significantly more amoral and corrupt side of herself during the mission of Corto Maltese, not only threatening to send Bloodsport's daughter to Belle Reve over a minor crime to blackmail him into joining Task Force X, but also sending two separate teams to Corto Maltese without informing either team, and using one of the teams as cannon fodder to distract the Corto Maltese military while the other team infiltrated the island disregarding that the cannon fodder team was being massacred. Waller demonstrated a vindictive and somewhat petty side of herself when she assigned Rick Flag into the cannon fodder team simply because Flag made fun of her outfit once and did so without informing him that he was on the suicidal team. Waller likewise lied to everyone except Peacemaker about the true nature of the mission, while bargaining with Peacemaker to pardon all his crimes as long as he prevents anyone from finding out that America was behind Project Starfish even if it meant killing the other team members including Rick Flag. Even though Peacemaker did technically succeed in his secret mission, Waller refused to maintain her side of the bargain and forced Smith to continue participating in Task Force X operations afterwards. She also punished John and Emilia, forcing them to work with Peacemaker due to "going against her" in the mission of Corto Maltese.

When Starro escaped from its captivity and went on a rampage killing thousands of people, Waller dismissively claimed that it was "not their problem" anymore as long as America's involvement in the incident had been covered up, demanding the few Taskforce X members still alive to just walk away from the crisis and let everyone on the island die. When Task Force X disobeyed her orders, Waller lost her composure and went into a full meltdown, angrily yelling and cursing everyone and threatening to kill them for trying to stop Starro, even though Starro's rampage was directly her fault in the first place.

Amanda would get her comeuppance for her corrupt behaviour when Bloodsport used the evidence of Project Starfish that Flag died trying to obtain in order to blackmail her into letting everyone in Task Force X go away unpunished for their defiance of her orders and avenging Flag's death which was also directly caused by Waller's underhanded deal with Peacemaker to which she simply claimed that she "made a leader out of Bloodsport".

Waller pressured her daughter, Leota Adebayo to join A.R.G.U.S. and follow in her own footsteps, making comments that Leota was wasting her talents by not joining her, something that left Leota visibly troubled over afterwards. Leota implied that; Waller had attempted to recruit her to A.R.G.U.S. several times over the years. Despite pushing Leota toward a career that doesn't interest her, Waller does seem to care about her daughter, offering her a job when she was struggling to get on her feet; which Leota appreciated. Waller has also stated that Leota was the only one she could trust with the true purpose behind Project Butterfly.

Waller, despite her serious and civilized attitude, is very foul-mouthed when stressed and can say the cruelest swear words one can think of. For example; when the members of Task Force X disobey her orders to leave Corto Maltese, she draws out her more impolite side by harshly insulting them.


"But everyone has a weakness. And a weakness can be leveraged."
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  • Gifted intellect: Amanda Waller is exceptionally intelligent and resourceful, which extends to her immensely formidable political science, leadership, tactical, demagogic, investigative, manipulation, hacking, exploitative networking, and leveraging skills.
    • Expert tactician: Amanda Waller, is an immensely skilled manipulative tactician, being effective enough to have built up a fearsome reputation among US government officials. Given her lack of superpowers, Waller, much like Batman, often uses cunning and planning to successfully outwit stronger and more powerful foes, gaining leverage over them rather than simply attempting to out-fight them, often using any of their exploitable weaknesses (such as Enchantress' cut out heart, Rick Flag's love for June Moone, Deadshot's beloved daughter Zoe, and the threat of activating the nano-bombs implanted in the other Suicide Squad members) to her advantage, though Waller's methods are considerably more amoral than Batman's. Due to this, Waller can extend her authority over the extremely dangerous Suicide Squad members (something Admiral Olsen and Dexter Tolliver had initially considered impossible), forcing them to battle Enchantress, Incubus, and the mystical duo's monstrous army. By promising Deadshot freedom and a permanent reunion with his daughter Zoe, Waller is almost able to get him to assassinate an escaping Harley Quinn, with him able to resist the extremely tempting offer only with a visible amount of effort. Even when caught off-guard by the Joker when the latter unexpectedly hijacks her A.R.G.U.S. helicopter, Waller can swiftly regain control of the situation, forcing the Joker to retreat by shooting him down. Ultimately, however, Waller seems to recognize Batman as a superior tactician, since she turns to him for help in the aftermath of the Midway City events, with Batman promising to protect Waller by covering up her involvement in the events, keeping the wrong people in the US intelligence community from finding out about her one catastrophic error in judgment.
    • Expert political scientist: Amanda Waller, as a very high-ranking US government official, and the Director of A.R.G.U.S., with ties to several other espionage and law enforcement agencies (such as the FBI and CIA), is an extremely skilled political scientist, understanding the inner workings of political structures and their intended goals. Hence, Waller fully understood the paradigm shift that the goals of modern politics took (referring to it as "World War III"), first after the emergence of Superman, then after his subsequent death, and then following the metahumans' emergence, with Waller, superbly using this to her benefit, by having Dexter Tolliver and Enchantress openly address the newfound concerns of politicians, as they addressed the National Security Council in the Pentagon.
    • Expert demagogue: Amanda Waller is a superbly skilled demagogue (though not quite on par with Lex Luthor), since she intends to come off as a pioneering altruist concerned with United States national security, so she therefore masterfully appeals to popular desires and prejudices when addressing fellow US government officials, championing the cause of covert metahuman exploitation as a contingency against impending threats of incredible power (like "the next Superman"), with her usage of seemingly rational arguments making Waller's method even more effective. Waller's most notable demagogic demonstration was when she presented her Task Force X sales pitch to the National Security Council, even managing to swiftly convince the adamantly oppositional General Edwards, by demonstrating how valuable Enchantress could be to US national security as an exploitable asset, due to Waller having the perfect leverage over her.
    • Expert networker: Amanda Waller, as a very high-ranking US government official, superbly uses a dense network of professional and social contacts to further her power ambitions. This is notable through her influence of other espionage and law enforcement agencies (like the FBI and CIA), the US army (like General Edwards of the National Security Council), powerful companies (like Wayne Enterprises' Van Criss Laboratories), and certain prisons (like Belle Reve supermax). Hence, Waller can discreetly keep tabs on numerous people and things that interest her, was able to get Batman to take down Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and Killer Croc for her, learned the secret identities of at least Batman, Aquaman, and Flash, and was able to transfer inmates that interested her to Belle Reve. However, Waller still needed Batman's direct help to prevent the US intelligence community from finding out about her catastrophic error in Midway City.
    • Expert leader: Amanda Waller, as the Director of A.R.G.U.S., is a superbly skilled leader, having led her organization for years, as well as occasionally leading other agencies' operatives (such as some FBI agents while in Midway City), inspiring fierce loyalty from her subordinates.
    • Skilled hacker: Amanda Waller is a fairly skilled hacker (though not quite on par with Batman and Lex Luthor), as she was able to hack into several Midway City security cameras in from the John F. Ostrander Federal Building, to monitor the Suicide Squad during their mission (reminding them that she's watching and "can see everything"), and to study how Enchantress transformed humans into Eyes of the Adversary, though Waller notably had assistance from her FBI subordinates in this.
"I can take care of myself."
―Amanda Waller to Deadshot[src]
  • Expert marksman: Amanda Waller is a highly skilled marksman (though not quite on par with Rick Flag and not nearly on par with Deadshot), swiftly shooting down some of her FBI subordinates (due to them knowing of her catastrophic error in judgment, the one that made the mystical Midway City incident possible).
"Do your worst, bitch!"
―Amanda Waller to Enchantress[src]
  • Indomitable will: Amanda Waller, although she has no metahuman powers, has tremendous determination and strength of will, which make her an extremely formidable opponent. Indeed, her nickname is "The Wall" due to how ruthless, dominating, and unrelenting Waller is when dealing with others, which makes her one of the most feared and respected people in the US government. Hence, when Rick Flag tells her he will accept the consequences of Enchantress' escape, Waller coldly replies that she is his consequence and when Enchantress kidnaps her and demands that Waller reveal the locations of the secret technological facilities of A.R.G.U.S., Waller adamantly refuses, emphasizing that she wouldn't break under torture, challenging Enchantress to "do [her] worst", even fearlessly insulting the latter to her face. Hence, Enchantress is forced to knock out and telepathically assault the mind of Waller to get her way.


  • Arrogance: Amanda Waller's greatest weakness (ironically much like for Enchantress) is her overconfidence and arrogance, with Waller believing that since she has seemingly perfect leverage over everyone she wishes to control, that this makes her supremely powerful. Hence, Waller is somewhat caught off-guard when an unexpected turn of events causes her plans to not work out the way she indented. This is most notable when Enchantress manages to outwit Waller - releasing her brother Incubus upon Midway City, knowing full well that Waller (not knowing of him being Enchantress' brother) would dispatch her to take the mighty metahuman down, which, in turn, would allow Enchantress to reach Incubus and (via his mystical empowerment) become immune to her exposed heart weakness before Waller could stop Enchantress by stabbing said heart. This catastrophic error in judgment on Waller' part results in the metahuman duo wreaking havoc upon Midway City, forcing Waller to execute her FBI subordinates (due to their knowledge of this error of hers), and then turn to genius tactician Batman for help in the aftermath, so that he might help cover up her involvement in the matter, and keep the wrong people in the US intelligence community from finding out.


As the Director of A.R.G.U.S., with ties to several other espionage and law enforcement agencies (such as the FBI and CIA), Amanda Waller has access to some of the most sophisticated technology in the world, owned by the US government, allowing her to be extremely well-informed in regards to individuals (be they human, metahuman, or otherworldly) who could potentially pose a threat to Earth (allowing Waller to keep discreet tabs on all of the Suicide Squad and some of the future Justice League members, among others), along with Waller's knowledge of many, classified, global security secrets. Hence, Waller is one of the extremely few to know the secret identities of at least Batman, Aquaman, and the Flash.

  • Nano-bomb detonator: Amanda Waller, to ensure the compliance of most Suicide Squad members (apart from Rick Flag and Katana), has them injected with powerful Van Criss Laboratories nano-bombs, and keeps the detonator on her (with a separate button for each individual) - ready to blow off the heads of any of them, should they step out of line or fail to comply, with Slipknot notably getting killed in this way by Rick Flag. Waller keeps this detonator on her at all times, managing not to lose it even while being telepathically tortured by Enchantress, and thus forces the Squad back into their Belle Reve jail cells in the battle's aftermath.
  • Enchantress' artifact: Amanda Waller acquired this jar-shaped Inca artifact from June Moone after the latter found it in Tres Osos Caves and released Enchantress.
  • Handgun: Amanda Waller is seen carrying a handgun, which she used to execute her FBI subordinates, due to them knowing of her catastrophic error in judgment, that made the mystical Midway City incident possible.






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  • Amanda Waller is one of the extremely few individuals who know Batman's secret identity.
  • Waller is an inexperienced golfer, practicing in Belle Reve to not look foolish in front of Senator Cray.

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