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"My father would say that offense wins games. But he’s dead and I say you’re only as good as your defense."
Lex Luthor[[Lexical Analysis|[src]]]

Alexander Joseph "Lex" Luthor, Sr.[1] was the founder and first CEO of LexCorp Industries, and the father and namesake of Lex Luthor.[3]


"Y'know, Dad was born in East Germany. He grew up eating stale crackers and every other Saturday, he had to march in parades and wave flowers at tyrants."
Lex Luthor[src]

Alexander Luthor Sr. was born in around 1949[2] in East Germany before moving to the United States and founding a petrochemical and heavy machinery company called LexCorp Industries. He grew up eating stale crackers, and every other Saturday, he would march in a parade and wave flowers at tyrants. It is said that he accomplished this feat through sheer grit and ferocity, having the motto "offense wins games."[4] At that early stage in his life he could not even afford books and supposedly had to wade in garbage just to get the newspaper for the previous day's edition. At some point, he would marry and have a son, whom he would name Alexander Luthor, after himself, though the latter would be more often referred to by his nickname "Lex."

While the company was in fact named after Alexander himself, the elder Luthor would claim at investor pitches to have named LexCorp after his son Lex. Years later, Lex would muse at how wealthy old women found "[writing] checks for Lex" adorable.

As Luthor's business expanded, he was portrayed to fresh, youthful investors that he was an adoring father building a legacy for his son. They responded fondly, which he used to his advantage. However, many years later, his son Lex revealed in his monologue to Superman, that his father had actually been very ruthless and cruel behind closed doors, often abusing young Lex with both fists and "abominations". Luthor was also world-famous for his collection of rare meteorite crystals. His son Lex inherited the LexCorp Industries company.[5]

Luthor Sr. died in 2000, when his son was 16 years old, leaving him LexCorp Industries.[3]


Alexander Luthor Sr. is known to have been a highly skilled and accomplished businessman, being extremely motivated, with him having founded LexCorp Industries through sheer grit and ferocity, having the motto "offense wins games."

Publicly, Luthor Sr. put on the affable façade of an adoring father building a legacy for his only son, Lex Luthor,[4] but behind closed doors, he was actually exceptionally ruthless, cruel, and malevolent, often abusing his young son with both fists and "abominations."

Ironically, while this resulted in making the traumatized Lex immensely despise his father (while also inspiring him to hate God, and the godlike Superman), he would eventually come to share some of his father's traits as an adult, with Lex's exceptional intelligence, ruthless malevolence, and use of an affable façade all mirroring those of his father, though it could be argued that Lex took all of them even further, as he would notably become more intelligent, skilled, and powerful than his father had ever been.


  • Master businessman: Luthor Sr. was a genius businessman, since despite growing up in poverty in East Germany, he was able to found LexCorp Industries and earn himself an immense fortune from scratch after moving to the United States, utilizing sheer grit and ferocity to accomplish this feat, having the motto "offense wins games,"[4] and thereby becoming a rags-to-riches millionaire. Indeed, some would claim that referring to Luthor Sr. as a “good businessman” is not unlike calling Napoleon Bonaparte a “competent conqueror.” Hence, he is still posthumously extremely well-respected in the business world for his brilliance. Despite all that, however, Luthor Sr.'s skills and achievements as a businessman, while very impressive in their own right, were considered inferior to those of his wunderkind son and heir Lex Luthor.


  • In the comics, Lex's father was first named Jules Luthor in Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #23 (1961). The most well-known version of the character, Lionel Luthor, first appeared in the Smallville TV series but was later introduced into the comics.
  • This version of Lex's father isn't born in America. Incidentally, in his debut in Action Comics #23, Lex was initially depicted as the dictator of a small European country called Galonia at war with its neighbor Toran.
  • A newspaper prop from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice appears to name him Lionel Luthor Sr., which is perhaps a mistake, or perhaps an intentional nod to Smallville. His name is stated to be Alexander both in the film and tie-in material, however.

Behind the scenes

  • On the social network Vero, director Zack Snyder suggested that Alexander Luthor Sr. was killed by his own son, Lex Luthor.


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