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"The answer is always more." ―Max Lord, Wonder Woman 1984
"The answer is always more." ―Max Lord, Wonder Woman 1984
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Africa is one of the seven continents on Earth. Over the millennia, it became notable for several important events throughout history and the development of several heroes and metahumans.


Ancient Times

Splintering of Atlantis

After Atlantis sank under the sea, a number of Atlanteans broke off and formed the Kingdom of the Deserters, occupying an inland sea in North Africa. This kingdom thrived until the inland sea eventually dried out and became the Sahara Desert, ultimately causing its inhabitants to die. The forge where the Trident of Atlan was crafted was located there, along with ancient Atlantean technology that had the ability to play a message from King Atlan, giving instructions for Atlantis' true heir to find the trident.[1]

Massacre in Kahndaq

A recreation of the Massacre in Kahndaq.

Millenia ago, Teth-Adam did heroic and courageous acts throughout the Middle Eastern nation of Kahndaq, which led him to being chosen as the first champion of the Council of Wizards, allowing Teth-Adam to become the ruler of his nation. However, when his family was murdered by criminals, he became brutal and ruthless. This led to him unleashing the Seven Deadly Sins upon the criminals who murdered his family and the people of Kahndaq, killing millions.[2][3]

Modern Ages

African Expedition

In 1892, a Catalan expedition attempted to search for the missing Kingdom of Atlantis at a location near the northwestern coast of Africa.[4]

World War I

Morocco was one of the nations involved in World War I, and was the birthplace of the smuggler Sameer.[5]

Choosing a Champion

Some people in Africa were candidates to become a champion for the wizard Shazam, but they were rejected as not worthy. Thaddeus Sivana found about them in his search to find the Rock of Eternity.[2]

21st century

Right after first learning how to fly, Kal-El flew from the Arctic to the savannas of Kenya, startling a herd of zebras in the process.[6][7] Additionally, Mark Hanford went holidaying to Kenya in order to go hunting for the endangered black rhino.[8]

Massacre in Nairomi

Superman in Nairomi.

In 2015, Lois Lane traveled to war-torn Nairomi, seeking an interview with the warlord Amajagh. Lois was accompanied by photographer Jimmy Olsen, who was secretly undercover for the CIA. Jimmy had a tracking device hidden in his camera, revealed by Amajagh's bodyguard Anatoli Knyazev. Lois was taken as a hostage by Amajagh who threatened to kill her. However, Superman arrived and saved Lois from the warlord.[9]

Search for the Kingdom of the Deserters

During the War for Atlantis, Arthur Curry and Mera took a flight to the Sahara Desert in order to locate the dead Kingdom of the Deserters, jumping out of the plane when they arrived. While there, the two found and unlocked the holographic message from Atlan which told them to go to Sicily.[1]




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