Adriana Santos was the wife of Humantrafficker Cesar Santos.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Because of a larger scheme by Lex Luthor to manipulate both Batman and Superman he has Anatoli Knyazev give the order to inmates inside to murder Cesar Santos while he's incarcerated in Metropolis. As a reporter for the Daily Planet Superman as Clark Kent travels to Gotham City, New Jersey to demand answers from the Gotham City Police Department about the death. Clark is stonewalled by the police officers, but one non verbally directs his attention to Adriana whose at the station with her son to pick up possessions of the late Cesar. Outside the station Clark addresses her as "Mrs. Santos" and Adriana corrects him saying she wasn't married to Cesar but they did have a son together who will now grow up without a father. She says it's not right that a vigilante gets to decide who lives and who dies and the police just go along with it. Clark states he wants to help, but Adriana states his "pen" won't help and only "fists" can stop the seemingly out of control Batman as she walks away upset. Agreeing with her, Clark feels compelled to take more direct action to stop the activities of Batman.





  • Lex Luthor - Mastermind ultimately responsible for boyfriend's death
  • Anatoli Knyazev - Orchestrator of boyfriend's death and his indirect killer
  • Batman - Boyfriend's indirect killer (a falsehood in actuality)