"The Joker and I? Our love bloomed in a highly toxic industrial processing plant."
Harley Quinn[src]

The Ace Chemicals plant was a chemical manufacturing facility in the heart of Gotham City's industrial district. It was notable as the site of the creation of the Joker, as well as the place that the Joker fully transformed Dr. Harleen Quinzel into Harley Quinn. Following a breakup with the Joker, the criminal Harley Quinn commandeered and crashed a vehicle into the facility, which caused a chain reaction that ignited and leveled the entire building.



The Ace Chemicals plant was built in Gotham City in 1921.[1] At some point in time, a separate branch was set up in Philadelphia.[2]

Birth of the Joker

Sometime in the past, an unknown man fell into a vat of chemical solutions at the Ace Chemicals, resurfacing transformed into the Joker, with white skin and chemically dyed green hair.

Becoming Harley Quinn

After Doctor Harleen Quinzel helped the Joker break out of Arkham Asylum, the Joker brought her to Ace Chemicals. There, he asked her to test her devotion to him by preforming a trust fall into a vat of chemical solution below. She did so and was soon followed by the Joker who likewise dived in to retrieve her. The Joker pulled Quinzel to the surface, where it was revealed that her skin had been bleached white, much like that of the Joker's, and the two embraced and kissed.[3]


Sometime later, Joker broke up with Harley Quinn, who took it very badly. After a long night of drinking, she decided to announce her emancipation to the entire world. As part of her plan she, commandeered and crashed a vehicle into the plant, causing a chain reaction that leveled the building.[4]

Behind the scenes



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