"If she... they... ARGUS... the government, whatever you want to call it, has a real interest in fighting for the future, they ought to work with those of us who are already on the front lines."
Lex Luthor, about ARGUS[[src]]

The Advanced Research Group Uniting Superhumans[1] commonly known as ARGUS, is a United States government organization tasked with handling major threats, directed by Amanda Waller.

ARGUS is known to collaborate with the CIA and the FBI in some instances. It is an agency that uses people with super powers or impressive skills to make their ends and protect the country.


Meeting Lex Luthor

ARGUS Director Amanda Waller is known to have at one point encountered supergenius businessman Lex Luthor, allowing him to familiarize himself with her organization, as Lex subtly reveals while conversing with Ron Troupe.[2]

Approving Task Force X

After the death of Superman, amidst the emergence of metahumans, Amanda Waller, the director of ARGUS, noted that while Superman was a benevolent and powerful ally of the United States of America, other powerful beings may become hostile and leave humans helpless to defend themselves. To counter this possibility, Waller advocates for the formation of Task Force X, a black-ops team with expendable criminals with exceptional skills, abilities, and powers to combat superhuman threats. Her roster included the formidable marksman Deadshot, the rope assassin Slipknot, Australian bank robber Captain Boomerang, the psychopath Harley Quinn, the monstrous crocodilian metahuman Killer Croc, the pyrokinetic metahuman El Diablo, and the mystical witch Enchantress, all of whom would be led in the field by Colonel Rick Flag and his formidable samurai bodyguard Katana.

On behalf on ARGUS, she gathered support for Task Force X with Dexter Tolliver and joined a conference with the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff Edwards to present her initiative. While initially skeptical of Waller's plan, she commanded Enchantress to teleport to Iran and steal nuclear arsenal papers to deliver to Edwards. Impressed with her results, he authorized funding and support for Task Force X.[1]




Former Employees





Behind the Scenes


  • In DC Comics, Steve Trevor is the head of ARGUS.
  • The motto for ARGUS is "Noster quaerere incipere", which is Latin for "Our search begins".
  • The Suicide Squad film reveals that ARGUS is the first to refer to Barry as "Flash" even before he starts to use the name.


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