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3000 BC was a year of the 30th Century BC.


  • War of the Gods: Ares slays all other Olympian Gods.[1]WW logo template.png
  • Diana of Themyscira is born to King of the Olympian Gods Zeus and Queen of the Amazons Hippolyta.[1][2]
  • The wizard Shazam gains the power of Zeus after the death of the Olympian.[3]
  • The Warning Fire of the Amazons, which symbolizing upcoming invasion, is lit for the last time in 5000 years. Men would come to forget its meaning, the Amazons hadn't.[4][5]
  • Great Fall of Atlantis: during a test of the Atlan's Trident, Atlantis sinks into the ocean. Atlantis itself would form its own kingdom while others, such as Xebel, the Kingdom of the Deserters, the Fishermen, the Trench, the Brine, and the Missing Kingdom were formed from breakaway factions.[6]AQ logo template.png
  • King Atlan, responsible of the cataclysm, goes into self-imposed exile in a deep pit in the Hidden Sea, but leaves behind a message in an artifact that can be displayed when put into its stand in the forge where the Trident was made, in the Kingdom of the Deserters, that guides the true heir to the Trident, telling them that they can unite above and below.[6]AQ logo template.png

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