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"A foundation has to be built on something
"A foundation has to be built on something." ―Dru-Zod, Man of Steel
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"Barry, these scars we have make us who we are. We're not meant to go back and fix them. And there's nothing broken with you that needs to be fixed. Take it from an old guy whose made a lot of mistakes. Don't live your past, live your life. Don't let your tragedy define you."
Bruce Wayne to Barry Allen[src]

This is a timeline of events that occurred in 2022.






  • Wolfe is arrested by the Justice Department

    Wolfe is arrested by the Justice Department

    The Shazam family captures the CIA agent, Wolfe, for revealing the identity of four intelligence operatives. He is later arrested by the Justice Department and charged in Washington D.C..[2][3] Sh2Logo




  • Freddy Freeman goes out overnight to stop an armored car heist and it is reported on.[5][6] Sh2Logo
  • Billy Batson dreams of a date with Wonder Woman, but is interrupted in his dream by Shazam, who warns him about the arrival of the daughters of Atlas.[5][6] Sh2Logo
  • Billy Batson searches the internet for the daughters of Atlas and calls a meeting with his siblings.[5][6] Sh2Logo
  • Billy talks to Freddy

    Billy Batson talks with Freddy Freeman

    While Freddy Freeman was having lunch with Anne, Billy Batson interrupts to ask him to be in the meeting, explaining his dream, but Freeman refuses to attend the meet.[5][6] Sh2Logo
  • During the meeting, Batson explains his dream and his searches. Pedro Peña introduces his siblings to the Library of the Eternity and Steve the Pen to investigate the daughters of Atlas but they end up finding out about the theft of the Staff of the Gods by the daughters.[5][6] Sh2Logo
  • Kidnapping of Freddy Freeman:
    • FOTG Trailer 111

      Hespera depowers Freddy Freeman

      Going up to the roof of the school, Freeman and Anne talk about the Shazam Family, so Freddy Freeman appears in his superheroic form before Anthea, however he is intercepted by Hespera and Kalypso who take away his powers with the Staff of the Gods. Geckle tries to intervene, but is killed by Kalypso knocking him off a cliff.[6]
    • The Shazam Family come to Freddy Freeman's rescue, but Anthea manipulates the spaces so that Billy crashes, allowing the Daughters of Atlas to escape with Freddy, threatening to kill him if they came close to stopping them.[5][6] Sh2Logo
    • Hespera casts a spell generating a dome around Philadelphia, Billy Batson tries to fire lightning but it bounces off a building.[5][6] Sh2Logo
  • Wolf Blitzer reports on CNN about the dome around Philadelphia.[5][6] Sh2Logo
  • Freddy Freeman is inprisoned in the Palace of Atlas and meets Shazam.[5][6] Sh2Logo
  • The Shazam Family come up with a plan to rescue Freddy Freeman, deciding to send a letter written by Steve to the Daughters of Atlas. The letter soon reached Hespera who read it and accepted the proposal in exchange for Freeman being returned.[5][6] Sh2Logo


  • FOTG Trailer 135

    Batson discuss with Hespera

    Capture of Hespera: Hespera arrives at Castle Steak to try to talk with Billy Batson, however she is surprised by the Shazam Family who manages to confront her by fighting under a vault, managing to knock her out. Hespera tries to stop by stopping Bromfield and Dudley, however she is defeated by Batson, so they kidnap her capturing her in the Rock of Eternity, during the fight, Pedro Peña loses his powers by Kalypso.[5][6] Sh2Logo
  • Escape from the Rock of Eternity: While the Shazam Family was distracted, Hespera burned her cell and escaped from the Rock of Eternity, taking the Golden Apple and returning to Atlas's Palace. The Shazam Family tries to find the door to travel to the Palace[6]
  • Having entered the Palace of Atlas, the Shazam Family intercepts the Daughters of Atlas to Freddy Freeman and Shazam and steal the Golden Apple, also restoring Freeman's powers and escaping. An upset Kalypso decides to free Ladon to go through the Rock of Eternity and reach Philadelphia.[5][6] Sh2Logo
  • Ladon attacks

    Ladon chases the Shazam Family

    The Shazam Family reveal their secret identities to Victor and Rosa Vasquez, escaping as Ladon began to emerge from the residence. Ladon chases after them and Kalypso manages to depower Freeman, Dudley, and Choi.[5][6] Sh2Logo
  • Mary Bromfield escapes with the Golden Apple and is chased by Kalypso who takes her powers and drops her into the void, Batson flies to save her, allowing Kalypso to retrieve the Apple.[5][6] Sh2Logo
  • Kalypso plants the Golden Apple in a stadium, planting the Tree of Life invoking the arrival of magical creatures in Philadelphia that begin to attack the city, causing panic in the population. Billy Batson doesn't feel worthy of stopping the threat and asks Shazam to remove his powers, but is convinced to fight.[5][6] Sh2Logo
  • Battle of Philadelphia:
    • Hespera is betrayed by Kalypso, who orders Ladon to kill her, also depowering Anthea with the Staff of the Gods.[5][6] Sh2Logo
    • Victor Vasquez runs over creatures in his truck.[5][6] Sh2Logo
    • Darla feeds an unicorn

      Darla Dudley feeds an unicorn

      Dudley, Choi, Bromfield, Peña and Shazam go in search of unicorns to face the creatures. Darla manages to befriend them by feeding them Skittles. The family soon hops on unicorns and begins fighting the creatures.[5][6] Sh2Logo
    • Billy Batson slams Kalypso and Ladon against a building. Kalypso soon takes revenge but he fights back and finally escapes.[5][6] Sh2Logo
    • Batson finds a wounded Hespera, who explains him how to stop Kalypso.
    • Anthea & Freddy vs Ladon

      Kalypso on Ladon attempts to kill Anthea and Freddy Freeman

      Kalypso on Ladon attacks a parking lot, preparing to kill Anthea and Freddy Freeman, however they are stopped by Billy Batson who grabs Ladon's tail and steals the staff from Kalypso.[5][6] Sh2Logo
    • Billy Batson escapes to the core of the Tree of Life while being chased by Kalypso, then casts a spell to shrink the dome, imprisoning Batson with Ladon and Kalypso.[5][6] Sh2Logo
    • With the dome lowered, Billy Batson says goodbye to Freddy Freeman and his foster family saying that he must sacrifice himself to stop Kalypso.[5][6] Sh2Logo
    • Billy with the magic staff - FOTG

      Batson charges the Staff of the Gods to kill Kalypso

      Decided to sacrify himself to save Philadelphia, Batson confronts Kalypso and Ladon, shooting lightning bolts around the dome, charging the magical staff with energy and flying at Ladon, but Ladon throws the staff to the ground. Batson soon strikes Ladon, retrieving the staff and embedding it in Ladon's chest, causing an explosion inside the dome that kills Kalypso, Ladon, and Billy Batson.[5][6] Sh2Logo
    • Hespera dies disintegrating, also disintegrating the dome and the magical elements and creatures. Batson's family enters and finds Billy's corpse.[5][6] Sh2Logo


  • Billy Batson's family, accompanied by Anthea and the wizard Shazam, travel to Mount Olympus to bury Batson at his funeral.[5][6] Sh2Logo
  • FotG - Wonder Woman using staff 2

    Wonder Woman restores the power of the Staff of the Gods

    Wonder Woman travels to Mount Olympus to restore the power of the Staff of the Gods and revive Billy Batson, also restoring Anthea's powers and the flora of the place, once Batson wakes up from his grave and hugs with his family and is thanked by Wonder Woman for his bravery, Batson tries to invite her on a date but Wonder Woman rejects and leaves the Mount Olimpus.[5][6] Sh2Logo
  • Billy Batson uses the Staff of the Gods to restore the powers of the Shazam Family and then they return to their residence.[5][6] Sh2Logo
  • The wizard Shazam decides to stay in Philadelphia, shaving his beard and buying tuxedo clothes.[5][6] Sh2Logo
  • During the family dinner, the Shazam Family is visited by the wizard Shazam who comes looking for the Staff of the Gods, surprising everyone with his new appearance. When Billy Batson asks for his superhero alias, he replies that Billy's alias was Shazam.[5][6] Sh2Logo





  • Ambush on Sally's Showcase Amusement Park: The Flash stops a weapons trafficking operation of Vincent Inzerillo's criminal team and faces against the metahuman Girder, who defeates him and causes injuries to his hands.[8] (estimated date)
  • Girder makes a deal with Vincent Inzerillo to kill the Flash in exchange for being paid triple to cover his father's medical expenses.[8] (estimated date)






  • Attack on the Central City Bridge[9] (estimated date)




  • Rescue at Central City Advanced Robotics[10] (estimated date)


  • Attack in Central City[10] (estimated date)


  • Battle at Central City[10] (estimated date)






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