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2018 was a year of the 21st century.





Arthur Curry on top of a submarine promotional still

Aquaman on the Stalnoivolk.

Black Manta appears in Sicily

Black Manta prepeared to attck Aquaman.

  • Attack on Sicily: Black Manta, Murk, and some Atlantean soldiers ambushed Aquaman and Mera in Sicily. Aquaman was wounded during his battle with Manta, and Mera was getting chased by Murk and the soldiers. But though Manta, Murk and the soldiers did their best efforts, they still lost to Mera and Aquaman and Manta was thrown off a cliff to his apparent death.[2] Aquaman logo
  • Escape from the Trench: Arthur and Mera escape the Trench and are saved by Atlanna.[2] Aquaman logo
  • Battle of the Brine: Orm Marius, along with King Nereus of Xebel, led his Atlantean armies to start a battle against the army of the The Brine. The plan was to attack straight: Just as it looked like Orm of Atlantis was going to slay the Brine King, Arthur arrived with the Karathen, creatures of the sea and the army of the Trench. Orm is defeated in the process.[2] Aquaman logo
Aquaman becomes King 2

Aquaman becames King of Atlantis.



  • "Legend" is released by Twenty One Pilots.[4]




  • Wesley Rowe, a fake identity used by Barry Allen, has his license expirated.[1]



  • 14-year old Philadelphia orphan Billy Batson tricks some cops and uses their police database computer to search for his mother's home. He arrives at the listed address but does not find her, this being one of his many attempts.[4] Shazamtimeline
  • Billy is placed into the Vasquez foster home, which has a number of other children, including superhero fanatic Freddy Freeman, whom Billy shares a room with. The entire foster family has dinner together.[4] Shazamtimeline


Shazam catches gun

Shazam and Freddy Freeman stop some robbers in a grocery store.

  • Billy and Freddy, along with the other kids, head to school at Fawcett Central School.[4] Shazamtimeline
  • Escape of the Seven Deadly Sins: at Sivana Industries in Philadelphia, Thaddeus Sivana finally unlocks the key to more power, and he begins wielding the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man.[4] Shazamtimeline
  • Two bullies pull up in their truck once school is let out and begin to beat up Freddy, who is unable to fight back. Billy takes Freddy's crutch and hits them with it, and a chase ensues to a nearby subway station. After escaping the bullies, Billy catches a subway ride that is soon intercepted by the Wizard Shazam. Billy Batson meets the Wizard and is deemed pure of heart, allowing him to turn into the superhero Shazam.[4][5] Shazamtimeline
  • Billy, as Shazam, heads back to the Vasquez household and reveals his newfound powers to Freddy.[4] Shazamtimeline
  • Billy rescues a woman from a mugger.[4] Shazamtimeline
  • After a short session of testing his abilities, they go to a convenience store and buy beer, where soon after two criminals attempt to rob the store before being apprehended by Billy. After tasting the beer and spitting it out, Billy and Freddy opt to buy junk food.[4] Shazamtimeline


Shazam and Freddy testing strength (2)

Shazam tests his superpowers.

  • Massacre at Sivana Industries: Doctor Sivana interrupts a board meeting of his father. After a brief exchange with his brother Sid, he throws him out the window to his death. After this, Thaddeus unleashed the Sins, letting them slaughter the other board members.[4] Shazamtimeline
  • Billy and Freddy get out of school the next day in order to head around town and test out the superpowers of Shazam, while Freddy records it all and uploads the footage to YouTube.[4] Shazamtimeline
  • Freddy Freeman's YouTube channel quickly gains a ton of viewership following his videos of Shazam's abilities.[4] Shazamtimeline
  • Freddy Freeman and Billy Batson start to write a journal about their superheroes adventures.[6] Shazamtimeline
  • Rescue of the Philadelphia Bus: after skipping school and showing off his powers again in public, Billy's show is interrupted by Freddy Freeman. This leads Billy to accidentally electrocute the tires of a bus on a nearby bridge, leading it to drive off the edge of the bridge. Using his god-like speed, Billy catches the bus with his bare hands.[4][7] Shazamtimeline
  • Ambush on Billy Batson: Billy Batson is discovered and attacked by Thaddeus Sivana across Philadelphia.[4][7] Shazamtimeline
  • Battle of the Rock of Eternity[4] Shazamtimeline
  • Battle in the Christmas Village[4] Shazamtimeline


  • "Ocean to Ocean" is released by Pitbull.[2][8]


Boxing advertisement from Shazam

Liberty Boxing Club advertisement.


  • Christmas Day occours. All the Vasquez Family (and so the Shazam Family) is reunited for the festivity.[4] Shazamtimeline

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