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"This world is divided. They are a primitive species, unevolved and and war with one another, too separate to be one. Their free will must be ripped from them. Like the other worlds, given absolution in one glorious belief: to serve him."
Steppenwolf to DeSaad[src]

This is a timeline of events that occurred in 2017.








  • An exhibit in the Louvre Museum of Paris about new information gathered by using modern technology to learn about ancient artefacts is shown.[8] Justice League LogoZSJL Logo



  • An exhibit in the Louvre Museum of Paris about new information gathered by using modern technology to learn about ancient artefacts is closed.[8] Justice League LogoZSJL Logo



  • "So Busted" is released by Culture Abuse.[9]



  • The videogame Fortnite is released.[11]


Steppenwolf Seizes Motherbox

Steppenwolf seizes the first of the three Mother Boxes.



  • While applying for a job, Barry Allen saves Iris West from a car wreck that would have otherwise resulted in serious injury.[12] ZSJL Logo
Steppenwolf in Atlantis - ZSJL

Steppenwolf in the Atlantean Mother Box Stronghold.


ZS Justice League Epic Charge

Justice League in action.


  • Barry and Victor take Bruce's Vision Gran Turismo out for a joyride. During their drive, they come across a burning building, which Barry makes quick work of and saves everyone inside, allowing firefighters to put the fire out. They return to the Batcave, where Bruce is none the wiser.[14]
  • Driving past a broken down car with a woman in labor, Diana gives them a ride, having Victor turn all of the traffic lights on the way to the hospital green. Arriving at the hospital, Diana assures the little girl that she will make a great sister, especially considering she stayed calm for her family. Getting back on the road, Diana thanks Victor, letting him know that it was all thanks to him.[15]
  • Thinking he's driving slow, Arthur offers to drive for Bruce, but Bruce declines. Suddenly coming upon a car racing away from police, they speed up, Arthur jumping out the side of the car and stopping the criminal with his trident, much to the amazement of Bruce.[16]
  • As Barry talks about the ice cream he's enjoying, Diana notices an old man with a flat tire. He explains that he has a spare tire but no jack. Allowing him to use Barry's phone to call his family, Diana lifts the car while Barry changes the tire, allowing him to be on his way right away.[17]
  • Arthur compliments Diana's car, hoping to take it for a ride himself. She declines, citing that she's heard how Atlanteans don't function well on land. They proceed to get into an argument over whether Amazons or Atlanteans are superior, before being interrupted by a robbery taking place. They agree that whoever can take out more robbers can drive, with Diana easily winning.[18]



Barry Allen at a crime scene - concept art

Barry Allen starts to work as a forensic scientist.


  • Burning Man begins, continuing through September 4th. Peacemaker claims to have fought a gorilla during the festival.[19] PM Logo



  • The movie It is released in theaters.[20]




  • "Safari Song" is released by Greta Van Fleet.[7]






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