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"She's crazier than him. And more fearless. But the Bat got her, too."
Amanda Waller[src]

This is a timeline of events that occurred in 2014.


Unknown dates[]



  • The Last Will and Testament of Jackson Teller is signed.[5]





Senator Finch and her committee discuss Superman

Finch and the committee discuss Superman.

  • Senator June Finch sets up a meeting with her fellow senators and General Elkins. At the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C., Finch leads the committee on the subject of Superman.[8]
  • General Elkins presents a CGI simulation of a male Kryptonian attacking a city such as Metropolis, fighting against F-35s.[8]
  • Rory Greeley searches for his mother with his remote controlled drone.[9]
  • Capture of Firefly: Batman intervenes when Firefly is setting up charges to detonate a building. Batman then subdues him, leaving Firefly's two low-level criminal allies tied up on a sidewalk for the GCPD officers to find. During the fight Batman was observed by Lex Luthor via a CCTV camera in order to analyze the Dark Knight's capabilities.[10][11]
Mercy in the Lex Luthor prequel

Lex and Mercy in privacy.

Clark Kent at his Daily Planet desk

Clark Kent at the Daily Planet.


Photo of Diana in Paris

Diana Prince while taking a taxi in Paris.



  • An earthquake occurs in California, devastating the region of North Bay, San Francisco.[21][22]
  • Superman helps the survived local civilians with medical cures and foodstuff.[21][22]


Lois after subduing Hanford

Lois Lane after meeting Mark Hanford.


  • Clark Kent is sent to Bangladesh to make a reportage about local floods.[19]
  • Lois Lane came to question Mark Hanford on the missing pieces of Kryptoninan technology, having found proof of the sales on the darknet. He promptly threatens to kill her at gunpoint, confessing to the crimes, before she is able to knock him out, writing an article that would eventually help prosecute him and lose his company to LexCorp.[19]


  • Zoe Lawton sends one of many letters to her father in prison, but it, along with all the others, is stashed away on arrival, and he never receives it.[24]


  • Lex Luthor announces that LexCorp Industries is purchasing Hanford Technologies, including all of its holdings, assets, and personnel, as he claims that the employees should not suffer from the immoral actions of their former CEO. Lex proceeds to admit that despite his failings, Mark Hanford had been a good CEO, whose one big mistake was selling illegal Kryptonian technology.[19]
  • Later, in the privacy of his car, with only his assistant Mercy Graves there to hear him, Lex finishes: "...because there were so many more interesting things that could potentially be done with it."[19]


  • The Daily Coastal publishes the article "AQUAMAN CAUGHT ON CAMERA".[25]



  • "Can't Sleep" is released by K.Flay.[27]


Batman on the Smiley Car

The Smiley Car escapes from Batman.











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