2013 was a year of the 21st century.





  • "Black Skinhead" is released by Kanye West.[3]









  • The NSA records Aquaman near the Tonga trench, where the Atlantean is found in the wreckage of a sunken ship. Curry attacks one UUV drone with his trident, while another drone records him swimming away at high speed, causing a sonic boom in his wake.[9] Batman-vs-superman-logo
MOS Bright Aurora

Bright Aurora on fire.



  • Clark Kent gets a job as a busboy at a truck stop bar.[5] Superman Logo
  • Clark overhears a pair of soldiers talking about a discovery made on Ellesmere Island. At the same time one of the bar's patrons, a drunk trucker named Ludlow, begins harassing Clark's coworker, a waitress named Chrissy. Clark intervenes, asking him to leave, but Ludlow proceeds to throw an entire pitcher of beer into Clark's face. As Clark prepares to retaliate, Chrissy instead tells him that it wasn't worth the trouble. Agreeing, Clark begins to leave when Ludlow comments that he'd forgotten his 'tip', throwing a beer can at his back.[5] Superman Logo
  • While Ludlow is still drinking in the pub, Clark impales his rig on the logs it was carrying.[5] Superman Logo
Clark found the Fortress

Lois Lane enters in the Kryptonian spaceship


  • Lois Lane arrives in a northern region in Canada to investigate a unique discovery that had been unearthed and is currently being kept under-wraps from the public by the military. Lois then meets with Colonel Hardy, Dr. Hamilton, and Officer Sedowsky, who inform her that a mysterious object buried deep within the ice is thousands of years old.[5] Superman Logo
  • Clark Kent discovers his heritage as Kal of the House of El.[5][8] Superman Logo
  • Clark Kent meets Lois Lane.[5][8] Superman Logo


  • Lois Lane is found by the US Army after her encounter with Clark.[5] Superman Logo
Lois talking to Woodburn

Lois Lane talks with Woodburn.


  • Editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet Perry White refuses to print Lois Lane's Arctic accounts, since the military and Pentagon itself were denying the story even occurred, and Lois has no solid proof.[5] Superman Logo
  • Lois, not wanting to drop the story of her alien rescuer, seeks out gossip journalist Glen Woodburn to spread the story all over the internet while she retraces the steps of her rescuer.[5] Superman Logo



  • The animated series Rick and Morty is first aired.[10]
Batman confronts Deadshot

Deadshot is found by Batman




Lois talks to Clark

Clark Kent and Lois meet again for the second time.

  • Lois interviews Pete Ross, which leads her directly to Martha Kent, where she learns the name of her rescuer.[5] Superman Logo
  • Lois encounters Clark in the cemetery at the grave of his father, Jonathan Kent, and Clark tells her his story and why he doesn't want it to be told to the world. Lois comes to respect and admire Clark for what he's doing and, full of compassion for him, selflessly decides to drop the story.[5] Superman Logo
  • General Zod arrives on Earth and orders to Kal-El to surrender.[5] Superman Logo


Black Zero over Metropolis

Black Zero while terraforming Metropolis.

Zod threatening to kill a family with his heat vision

Superman attempts to stop Zod.


Superman talking to Swanwick after destroying a drone

Swanwick talks to Superman.



Senator Finch and her committee discuss Superman

Finch and the committee discuss Superman.




  • During a break and enter while stealing a pearl necklace from a safe, Pete Doumanian is caught by Batman, who kicks and breaks his legs, preventing him from burgling again anytime soon.[18]

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