"The answer is always more." ―Max Lord, Wonder Woman 1984
"The answer is always more." ―Max Lord, Wonder Woman 1984
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1980 was a year of the 20th Century.



Jor-El prepears to sent Kal-El on Earth.




  • General Zod and the Sword of Rao are released from the Phantom Zone after Krypton implodes. The Black Zero is retrofitted to enable Zod to traverse the cosmos.[1][2]MoS logo template.png



  • The film Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back is released, featuring the character Yoda.[3]


The Kents find Kal-El.


  • Jonathan and Martha Kent discover a crashed UFO on their farm containing a small boy who they take in and name Clark.[1][2][4]MoS logo template.png



  • Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent bring a six-month-old Clark Kent|Clark to the doctor. Believing Clark to be suffering from colic, the doctor administers a hearing test, and Clark proceeds to scream so loud that he blows out the glass elements not just in the doctor's office, but in the windshields and storefront windows across town.[5]

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