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10/6 is an antiques and theatrical supplies store in Gotham City that was founded in 1919. The establishment originally focused on trying to have a mass appeal, but has since went for a more niche customer base with a specialty of vintage curiosities and theatrical supplies.[1]


10/6's stock consists of high-class items such as ladies' bonnets and silk-lined men's bowler hats, but more contemporary shoppers can also buy sports caps for various sports teams and knitted ski caps. Vintage headgear popular with local hipsters attracts a niche crowd. Other than clothing, 10/6 also sells theatrical supplies.[1]


  • 10/6's phone number is 1-465-555-0193.[1]
  • 10/6's website is www.ten-six.got.[1]
  • 10/6 is open Monday through Saturday from 11am-9pm.[1]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The name 10/6 is likely a reference to the "10/6" that appears on the Mad Hatter's hat in different adaptations of the 1865 novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. As Jervis Tetch AKA Mad Hatter is an enemy of Batman in the comics, this is probably a reference to that version of the character. This is further backed up by the mention of customers being "rabid enough to be brainwashed," a reference to Tetch's mind control technology.